I'm doing it all alone but I'm married

Recently my husband has stopped loving on me or telling me he loves me when he leaves or hangs up the phone and he says it’s because I don’t give it up!! I tell him that I need help around the house and I can’t do everything and still have energy for him! I am a stay at home mom but It’s not just my house!!! I literally do everything wash all clothes,wash all dishes,cook all meals,sweep,take out trash, all while taking care of 2 kids all day long plus extra things and he doesn’t help at all!!! I do it by myself day in and day out and continuously tell me I need help with the house and no matter what he doesn’t help! Says the problem is I don’t give it up that if I did we’d get along more and he’d help out more! I feel I shouldn’t have to have sex with him for him to help when it’s OUR house OUR chores and OUR kids!! Idk what to do!! Advice! And don’t say leave unless your gonna help me with ways to get out! I have no one to go too and no job and no one to watch kids for me to get a job to find a way to get out...

I think the key here is whether there is love in this relationship.
You don’t mind doing things for someone who you love, and who you feel loved by.
It’s easy to feel unloved sometimes, when all that’s happened is a breakdown in communications. But if there really isn’t any love there then it’s time to look at ways out, as a home without love is unhealthy for everyone within it.
I think finding someone to talk things through with would be the first step, and I’d probably start by speaking to my GP.