I'm going crazy

I work from home, it’s just my fiance, almost 2 year old daughter and I. She’s always up at 5 when I get up… I used to get up at 5 because she used to sleep until 8! Her nap is when I’m working so she’s up when I get out of the office at 2 and she doesn’t go to bed until 8.

I have severe social anxiety so I have no friends and have a hard time making them or even feeling like I fit in. I don’t go anywhere on my own because of my anxiety either.

Both of us are at home so we don’t need a baby sitter. He watches her while I’m working but I feel like I’m going nuts and I feel like a bad mom for it

I can’t stand all the noises she makes. She’s at that phase where she discovered that she has a volume and that volume is full blast all the time. I’ve gotten on to her, I’ve told her to whisper. I’ve told her shhhh mommies on the phone and all she does is get louder and louder shrieking and giggling loudly. Her shrieks and screams hurt my ears. I hear it all day every day. I hear her tantrums all day every day. She likes to stand outside my door and scream while I’m working too and it’s driving me crazy!

I’m going crazy and I don’t know what to do. Right now I am not enjoying toddler motherhood at all. I dred getting up because I know she’ll already be up. I have no escape because of my own mental problems and I’m really worn down and exhausted because of it…

My fiance, who’s had 2 kids prior(this is my first), says she’s not bad and that she’s just being a kid the difference is he can tune her out… I can’t.

I just need some coping mechanism…