I'm going through a nasty custody fight and can a mother lose custody of her child?

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I just went through this fight, a 2 yr long battle to get him trial. Don ask others and rely on your lawyer. Don’t Google. Trust your lawyer, let them fight and you do as they say. You must be very unfit in a lot of ways to lose custody. Do NOT let ex scare you. If you need, keep a journal of all he says and does. It is submissable in court as evidence.


Please don’t Google it. Don’t ask that question online. It will only cause you stress you don’t need right now. Yes you can lose your kids. It doesn’t happen often at least in my part of the world but it does happen. What is important for you is to focus on you and the kids. They will suffer most from this. And remember. If you do lose them you don’t stop being a mother. You get visitation rights and as little as it may be you can build something on that too.

Whatever’s going on, pull it together before everything gets much worse for you. You think you are fighting hard now, you will have to fight 10 times harder to get your kids back. I wish you luck


Yep, unfit or if lifestyle and stability for the child is an issue. Or if drugs are involved also, even pot in legalized states can cause a mother to lose her children.

Yes, if you are proven unfit no matter what kind of guardian you are.


If proven unfit yes.

Yes. I know several people who had custody of their kids taken n given to biological fathers. Due to medication they take, alcoholism, drug offenses, arrest records, etc.

Laws vary from state to state. You really have to be proven an unfit parent before thay takke your child away. Key word here is proven.

Make sure you have a job house a car and no dirty history and you should be fine.

If there is Evidence to prove you Unfit, yes

Absolutely. Also, do not rely on PD to be helpful.

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Yes. We’re not invincible just because we are women and mothers.

Incorrect, it doesn’t need to be proven, just as it doesn’t for men. A simple well founded allegation has worked in the past