I'm just curious

Curvy mamas, when did you start showing?


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19 weeks both times.

I was about 24 weeks.

Baby 1- 24 weeks
Baby 2- Around 16 weeks

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Lol. Never. I went one place once a month the whole pregnancy. One week before my induce date I was sitting done because my son was doing cartwheels. One of the guys asked what is wrong. I told him my baby is moving around a lot. He said you’re pregnant? Everyone who worked there answered YES!

I didn’t start showing until I was 7 months pregnant. Thats when the waddle started too

I was about 5 months

Im currently 23 weeks with my second (my first was 16 years ago) and i am just barely showing. (I am definitely a curvier woman (size 16-18 right now) and have some extra padding around my midsection so i kind of still just look like im overweight and not so much pregnant

1st pregnancy around the beginning of the 2nd trimester. 2nd pregnancy (currently in) beginning of 3rd trimester. Can’t really go off others every body and every pregnancy is different! :white_heart:

I didn’t really show until like 4-5 months

With my first it was around 16-18 weeks (almost looked like I had a big lunch and was bloated lol) but with my second I started showing around 12 weeks.

By 2 months and by 3 months I looked 6 months

Second pregnancy I was 13 weeks when I started to show

7/8 months with both kids :slightly_smiling_face: and I dont carry my weight in my belly, I’m just super tall lol