I'm married and have been trying to get close to my husband again

I've been with my husband for almost 9 years, married almost 8 years, known him many years... I've left him a couple times and always come back because he makes my life hell when I leave, we have 1 child together, he has 1 from a 1 night stand (from when we were talking and I was suppose to be the only woman in his life), and I have 2 from previous marriage. When we separated I took my 3 kids and tried to move on... he would always make co-parenting difficult, always made it difficult with child support (he set the amount and wanted to transfer to my account), he was always rude if I contacted him about anything with our child, he would speak badly about me to everyone.... now with all that said. I caught him cheating many times, he lies about everything even if it's simple, and everything is always my fault. I know I have faults but I try my best and forgave him for everything. Now that he really wants to try its like I don't no matter what he does.. I want to leave but I'm scared to. He's never hurt me physically but has made some pretty hurtful and scary comments to people that has gotten back to me and he admitted he said them but only because he was mad! What do I do?

I would start working on your divorce papers. The way he acts is very hypocritical & disrespectful to you. Not to mention very unhealthy. Get a divorce, and then go to court for custody & child support. That way its court ordered & not something you personally have to take his word for & hope for the best. You deserve way more then this.