I'm not sure I want another child due to my medical issues: Advice?

I am 34 yr old mother to a two-year-old. I have just been diagnosed with diabetes. I was told for my next pregnancy that I would have to be on insulin for the pregnancy and make changes have there been any mother in this situation. Now I am not sure if I want to go for a second pregnancy, and I have not told my other half about my health. " I know what is he gonna say tho" I guess I am not sure if I want to continue with the pregnancy?


Are you already pregnant? Making those changes will help you get healthier. Take care of yourself…

Don’t have another child if you aren’t sure you want one. There’s no law that says you have to have anymore.


Research keto. It is used to treat diabetes. It MAY be something for u. There are fabulous docs that just had a healthy baby and have been keto the whole time.

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I have been a diabetic since 2006 I have two healthy boys one is 8 and the other is 6 months I’m 38 this last pregnancy was harder but with diet changes and exercise I was able to manage my blood sugar


First of all you should be speaking to your partner about all this… Are you already pregnant ? If you are then you’d be a terrible person to abort just because you’d have to take insulin!!! Ya, it’ll suck…but a little life is WAY more important than poking yourself with a needle everyday and watching what your eating. You really should’ve thought of that BEFORE getting pregnant…there are so many ways & forms of birth control…(condoms,shots,iud,pills,implants, sterilization) abortion is NOT a form of birth control. .my friend is a diabetic and is pregnant with her 4th child… ask her about her experiences…ya it’s hard but totally do-able!! :slight_smile: Rebecca Anne


I was diagnosed type 1 at age 8 and have a happy and healthy 2 year old. Not sure if you were diagnosed type 1, type 2 or gd (as it’s hard to tell from this post if you are already pregnant or not) but feel free to reach out if you need (and decide that you want) support.

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Are you currently pregnant or just thinking about it. Why haven’t you shared this very important info about your health? What are you scared of? You should be able to tell such vital info to your partner, baby or no baby.


I’m confused, are you pregnant already or are you talking about future pregnancies? Why doesn’t your partner know that you have diabetes? You can have a healthy pregnancy with diabetes. Diabetes can also be reversed depending on the type, maybe change your diet and work with your primary and see if you can reverse your diagnosis.


Is it type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

Continue with the pregnancy?? All because you have to change your diet for a few months and have a tiny injection daily?! Selfish woman :triumph::angry:


I’m sure there’s resources out there that give you the proper information on being pregnant with diabetes. Defiantly going to be harder but well worth it in my opinion. If you’re not ready now, you may be in the future. You have time! Talk with hubby and go from there🙂

I went through two pregnancies with diabetes, on insulin for both, both my babies were born just fine. My first made her appearance at 35 wks on her own, not diabetes related, my son I was induced at 39 and 3, he was fine also. It’s manageable, during pregnancy and beyond, you just will need to stick to your diabetes diet. The plus side to both mine is I gained 10 lbs with both pregnancies and lost it all right away, with both babies growing prefect along the way.

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Its your body, your choice :woman_shrugging: Dont let random bible humpers on the internet make you feel bad. There are enough kids being put up for adoption, if you want an abortion GET ONE. That is not the internets choice to decide. BUT your husband needs to know about everything. It is going to be a hard choice either way you choose, but you can do either one and get through it.


I was a diabetic during my pregnancy. Not a big deal & after I had my daughter, I was off of insulin & back on my pills


I had digestinal diabetes and had to take insulin when I was pregnant with my daughter. She is now 29 years old and just fine. She doesn’t have diabetes. I do and have to take insulin daily but I was diagnosed with it 11 years ago. Change your eating habits and how you exercise and you can control it.


You should at least let this baby have a life,give it up to a family who really wants a baby,.I don’t believe in abortion,did when I was young,didn’t allow myself to realize what it really was,then as you grow up,mature see life different,it will haunt you til you die,if you believe in God,facing him! This is the tea side of this,at least give the baby a living breath! Lots of people wanting to adopt!


I have high BP… have for a long time…
My last pregnancy I developed gestational diabetes. It wasnt bad. I couldn’t seem to control it with diet…and I had to give myself insulin shots. Other than that my pregnancy was fine. My son was big(10.15oz) buts he healthy! No big deal.


I think she meant her and her partner are about to start trying and have already decided to have a second baby. Now she’s not sure she wants to continue with that pregnancy. Not that she is already pregnant, but even if she is – her body, her choice. Back tf up, prolife fanatics. lol


Found out I had gestational diabetes around 7 months. There was never a thought in my mind to get an abortion. I’m 35 weeks and shit sucks but it’s worth it!

Adjust your diet, walk for 30 minutes a day.


Health concerns are a valid reason for considering not getting pregnant again. It’s why I decided not to have any more kids.


I had my second child after being diagnosed I took steps before getting pregnant to get my a1c’s down and I lost about 40 lbs. The pregnancy went great. They check for heart defects mid way through. And monitor growth. The insulin and blood sugar is not a cake walk, it is work. I worked full time if not more making that piece harder but it’s all really up to you. Weigh the pros and cons of you don’t want another baby then don’t. If you do it’s totally doable

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It’s your body. If you don’t want another pregnancy due to whatever, then dont get pregnant. If you spouse wants another child, there is always adoption, serogacy, or he can carry it (sarcastic remark)… Don’t do something you don’t feel comfortable with.


Clearly its possible for you to go through with the pregnancy with diabetes and it is your choice and no one else’s if you don’t! So ignore people who are suppose to care but being nasty instead, you came on line looking for advice not condemnation. My concern lovely lady is why are you going it alone when you state you have a partner please share your thoughts and concerns with him and don’t make any rash decisions, I also feel it’s of the up most importance that you let him your family and anyone in your daily life know that you have diabetes as its an illness not to be taken lightly and they need to know what help you need … please confide in someone who can give you personal support if not your partner … good luck!


I don’t see where it says she’s already pregnant? She’s saying she doesn’t want to get pregnant again why the hell are people calling her selfish and mentioning :joy: abortion?!?

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My friend has had diabetes for a while she got pregnant after she found out she was diabetic. She did great super healthy baby she is healthy and no issues

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The very last sentence say I’m not sure I want to continue with the pregnancy. Please provide clarity.

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This post is too confusing to even give you genuine advice. You talk about not being sure about getting pregnant, and then you say you’re not sure you want to continue with the pregnancy, as if you are already pregnant.


Id have the child then get sterilized after.

A lot.of.pregnant ladies have to take insulin during pregnancy dye to gestational duabetes but.once baby is born everything is great.Dr.knows what hes doing.Dont.let that stop you.

Diabetes is not an uncommon issue for OB’s to deal with, as long as you take care of yourself and do what they ask all should be fine. But it seems like you actually just don’t want another baby and if that’s the case, then don’t. But if it’s just due to the diabetes then I wouldn’t worry too much, just do what you’re supposed to do.

What about adoption? Tons of kids out there need a loving supportive mom! Last I heard 400,000 in foster care in the US alone. My husband and I are having one child together but we’ve decided to adopt if we want more. I have walked alongside couples on both sides- giving away bc that’s what is best for the child and taking in children because there is an abundance of love in their heart. It is beautiful.

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Currently pregnant with baby #4 and a diabetic and so far I’ve had a healthy pregnancy :heart: yes I take insulin 3 times, I get ultrasounds once month and once I get closer to my due date the ultrasounds will bump to every week.
As for not telling your other half about your diabetes you really should tell him. So he can be prepared just in case your sugar gets low, to help remind to check your sugars and such

Kids are a gift from God.

They make it sound horrible to be diabetic and pregnant but don’t let it scare you. I had 2 successful pregnancies and I’m a type 2 diabetic. You do need to make sure your sugars are controlled and def watch your diet butt it’s not hard. They will monitor you more closely then a reg pregnancy but it was cool to see an ultrasound every month and watch the growth. Don’t let it scare you. Do lots of research and find an obgyn that specializes in high risk


I have problems with my insulin because of my PCOS and pregnancy makes them much worse. I’ve also lost several babies because of my PCOS. My pregnancies are insanely complicated and difficult and I cry almost every day during them but just knowing it’s worth gives me the strength to get through them day by day. Ultimately the decision is yours but my advice is consider the pros and cons about whether or not you want to go through hell and back for another baby. Only YOU know if it’s worth it to you.

I’m having my last a little girl in feb 2020. We have a son (2yrs) together and I have 2 step daughters (13 & 11). I’ve decided this is our last because of my medical issues.

It does really matter if you have diabetes some mums get it during pregnancy only thing is your children have a chance of getting in there future if they don’t watch what they eatv

You didn’t mention if you are on insulin now or not, which makes a big difference.If you have it under control with diet I would see another Dr.
Every pregnancy can be different, I’ve known several women that had problems with the first but not the second pregnancy. Since you have one little one already you definitely have to consider how being on bed rest would affect their life. No matter what I would get another opinion. It’s their job to make sure you are aware of risks involved. Wishing you the best on any decision you make

I had to take insulting while pregnant from gestational diabetes listen and follow everything step by step diet and all and you will be fine. It’s strict and overwhelming at times but worth it.

Diabetes isn’t that hard to deal with! I’m a type 1 and have two beautiful bratty kids haha! Get the blood sugars controlled first. Insulin injections aren’t as bad as you may think. If you’re a gestational diabetic, keep a strict diet. If type two, same thing. Strict diet and lots of exercise. Type 1 will need insulin. It’s not that bad tho and if you’re better than I am and actually take care of yourself, you should be totally fine with a healthy baby! I had unrelated complications during both pregnancies which made it worse for me postpartum but overall if you take the steps and do the work everything works out just fine :slight_smile:

If you don’t want another child, there is no reason to explain to anyone else. Choice is yours. Yes being a IDDM is hard, & there could be some complications, like very large baby, & then they sometimes are not great eaters, and/or their blood sugars are low & have to be transferred to NICU, Again a large baby…so you will need to decide if too big, vaginal or C/S, or if they are too big, they sometimes induce early, then there also could be resp problems, and then they could be absolutely no problems at all

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If you can’t talk to your partner about health issues, you have no business having a baby with him.

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It will be ok, thats not as bad as it seems.

Wait, you are pregnant and thinking of stopping the pregnancy because of diabetes? Wtf :joy:

Make sure your not overweight cause if you are youll be diabetic

Honey you got this! Change your mind set. Keep in mind that beautiful baby you are carrying . Killing a baby is horrible just because of health issues. Really.
I know I’ll get feed back but don’t care!
If your NOT pregnant then I wouldn’t want you to get pregnant. I think it would be too overwhelming at this state right now!!
I’m type 1 diabetic . You can do this but have to watch your diet and know your numbers but that baby is well worth it.


I’m Type 1 diabetic and had two healthy babies. One at 32 and one at 34. I had to take insulin with both pregnancies. Both kids were 8 lbs at birth but healthy. Truthfully. I wish I would’ve had a couple more.

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Just because u are a diabetic does not mean insulin. You can still take oral meds and keep your sugar down with diet and excercise. I have been a diabetic for 20 years and had 2 babies and never had insulin. Yes it is much harder to do than most think but it is possible.


So I was over 300 pounds and a type 2 diabetic 8 years ago when I got pregnant with my son. He was a surprise and my sugars were completely uncontrolled. I was already on insulin. It’s really hard but you can have a healthy baby as long as you are willing to sacrifice. Checking blood sugars multiple times a day and watching your diet. Good luck to you with whatever you decide


I’m type 2. Diagnosed 10 years prior to having a very healthy boy at 43. He’s 8 will be 9 in two weeks.

You can do it!..I breezed thru it…do it for yourself & your babies

I don’t want to cause a problem for anyone on here or cause drama, just trying to help. A plant based diet can heal the body from diabetes. Plant protein in the bloodstream blocks sugar receptors and causes glucose to remain in the blood causing problems. If u want to look into it there are documentaries you can watch like “what the health”. Also plant based doctor Michael Greger M.D. runs a website Nutritionfacts.org that can also give a lot more information.

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Okay Nicki is this about you and is this an old story or a new one are you pregnant???

You can do a Keto diet and not be on insulin or diabetic. You should ask your doctor. If you are currently pregnant with your second one, please don’t terminate the pregnancy.


I believe you will be fine to have another baby. Your doctor will take care of you. I quit smoking through my pregnancies and it was hard. Taking insulin and watching your diet will be worth it to have a baby. It’s only 9 months and you are surely strong enough to do this for 9 months! You got this!

Well why did u get pregnant then

Are your already pregnant? My only question is did you know about your health concerns before you became pregnant?

If it was me I sure wouldn’t.Good health and 1 child is way more important.

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I am diabetic and I take insulin once a day along with 2 pills for the diabetes. I am 18 and 6 months pregnant and my baby girl is doing just fine. All you maiming have to do is keep active and eat healthy.

I had gestational diabetes with both my pregnancies & high blood pressure due to having only one kidney. I was put on insulin pills with both. Switched to eating better & taking lots of walks and eventually didn’t need the pills I know it’s different cause you already have diabetes but I guess I’m saying it’s manageable with medication and eating right along with walks. Wishing you the best of luck :heart:

It’s your body, your health. My last two pregnancies I had issues. After my last one we decided for my health and the health of our babies. We wouldn’t have anymore. Speak with your partner. About your concerns. If he truly loves you he will accept and encourage you. Most of all if you feel complete with one child that’s perfectly fine. It’s your choice in the end.

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As a wife to a T1 diabetic and mother to 2 T1 diabetic children and as a diabetic myself I say go for it! Just really talk with your CDE and get a good foundation on how to count carbs (realistically to your diet choices) get your insulin to carb ratio figured out and you’ll be good! You’ve got diabetes, it doesn’t have you. We make it bend to our lives not us to it. I realize diabetes can be very a bad illness so obviously I’m not saying throw all caution to the wind and just go for it but I think you know what I mean! Many prayers and best of luck to you!


You need to be there for your first child. Go with what your gut tells you!:heart:

How high is your blood sugar.

Everyone is different…one person could have a healthy baby while another has a sick baby from diabetes…its all about how well u manage it!!

If you don’t want another child that’s totally okay! Your body your choice. But you should really be upfront with your husband.

I’m a type 1 diabetic but it sounds like if “you would be put on insulin with another pregnancy” that you’re type 2. My suggestion would be to work on diet and exercise prior to conception and get to an A1C that is <6.5. All of these things are very important in diabetes, especially with pregnancy.

Your health is more important. Don’t put yourself through hell just to appease to anyone

Then why did you get pregnant.


I am T2 diabetic in my third trimester. Its a lot being diabetic and pregnant but my baby is worth it. However i will NOT be doing this again lol its been a lot on my body and i know for my health it would not be beneficial for me to do a round 3 of this. I would highly reccommend getting good sugar control BEFORE you try to get pregnant.

You can do this. I got through it. I was even more grateful for my daughter because of how I had to take care of BOTH of us during the pregnancy. She was fine, I am fine. The most important thing is to communicate with your partner because diabetes or not, you’re in it together right?

My second pregnancy was a surprise… I ended up with gestational diabetes… I controlled it with my diet and never needed medication for it… it’s doable and the end result is worth it!

Next pregnancy or current? I’m confused. If you don’t want a baby get some birthcontrol.


No one can weight in on this only you know whats best for you and your family

You can do this. It sounds like you are Type 2. I am a long time Type 1 mother of 3. A diabetic pregnancy does take more work, and more doctors visits but it is doable. The best ways to prepare for a diabetic pregnancy are to speak to your team about blood sugar and weight goals. With type 1 they recommend not trying until your a1c is usually under 6.0. (Mine never was). Control your diet, eat healthy and get some exercise. Prepare to be put on insulin at some point because pregnancy will make you insulin resistant. It is doable and possible to have a completely healthy pregnancy and baby with diabetes though!

Not advice but info my mom had me and my brother while having diabetes but we were both on the NICU but now we are pretty healthy teens