I'm overwhelmed and disappointed

Hi all, I need someone else’s point of view

I’m a single mom of 1. My ex left me for another woman. Then I dated this guy which is now my current partner. My partner have had several girlfriends, fling, sexual partners, wild in bed, active in sex in the past. when we dated after 2 months I got pregnant with his daughter. He has been telling me that he wants a child a long time ago but it never happened even to his previous relationship. He thought that he cannot produce one. Then when I came out pregnant at first he can’t believe it but at the same time he is super happy. to cut the long story short after 2 years of being together i ask him if he still likes me but he can’t answer me with straight yes or no… He said that he is no longer sexually attracted to me . it’s like zero. nada… no attraction at all BUT he said that he loves me so much more than I ever know and that he loves our daughter so much that he would do anything for her… It’s just that even if he tries to do it he won’t feel the urge, interest maybe or any sexual tension towards me… he just not into me sexually. he told me that it’s not me the problem is him … i really don’t know what to do… i really want him so bad… but to him he really can’t do it… no intimate moments, cuddle, we time at all since the time that we found out that I was pregnant. He said that does not know what’s wrong and the he dont know what he wants or need to increase his sexuall attraction to me. please clear my mind. what’s wrong? is it me? what do i need to do… how can i help him when he himself seems like already gave up on the idea that it will happen again. he said that he can’t give me timeframe on when he will get better or when will it increase the percentage that he will like to make love again. even with himself he was disappointed. he said that he really wanted to give me what i want so we can be happier as a couple but he really can’t find the right feelings. he really dont understand why he is also not anymore sexually attracted. what do i need to do… i love him so much and he said that he loves me too. by the way he only masturbate by watching porn but when it comes to physical contact with a person he is not into it. he does not look for another woman to have sex with cause he cant do it because we are together thats what he said. any thoughts? anyone who has the same situation?