I'm pregnant, on medical bed rest and have no support system: What should I do?

During this time you moved away, did you not at least make friends with your neighbors?? If not, that’s a big problem Did he keep you from making friends?? There has to be someone that would come to you, to be with you during this time

Can any of your friends or family come to you

They do have support systems have one of the workers get you a support system or worker

Ask the doctor/hospital for counselling support for during and after the pregnancy… happymom = happykid…
Sounds like he’s manipulative… love bombing… gaslighting… avoidant abuse… ghosting… trauma bonding… read up on some of these terms and ask if any of them are fitting…
Build yourself up mentally and emotionally… being on your own with a baby may not seem ideal but it sure beats being a doormat…


Stop contacting him. In time he may msg you but if you keep contacting him he won’t. I don’t think you’re crazy because I would do the same thing if placed in your position considering the circumstances you are in.
I think you should focus on yourself, your health & your baby. Have friends surround you or family even, good luck x

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He is never going to be with you so forget that. Have a friend or famly member come stay with you. Stop looking for romance.

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Reserve parental rights but ignore you until baby is here? Fuck. That.

As hard as it is stand tall and you will get thru this. You don’t need him. You got this ox

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Hes a jerk! Dont give him the time of day! Ask your dr for info on a support team while you wait for the birth, DO NOT put his name on the birth certificate and go home after your beautiful bundle of joy is born and good luck to you!


I would try to go home. You really need support at this time and he’s not giving it to you. Whatever comes after this you should take it when it comes. You need to take care of yourself so you have a healthy and happy baby


I believe she said early on she couldn’t go home if she’s in the hospital on bed rest she evidently can’t travel would be nice yes if her family could come to her but maybe they’re not able to do that either you know and while it would be nice if she could go home I’m thinking that she can’t because of bed rest and medical issues

Oh and PS I wouldn’t contact the SOB anymore if he contacts you fine if not after the baby’s born oh well

Contact a lawyer. If you were to wait til baby is born and wait to move back or try to move back right now after he just had you served papers stating he wants to reserve his rights you could get into trouble as he would say you are violating his rights. Different countries have different laws. Now depending on WHERE you are when you have baby will be where the child is a citizen of.

Once you’ve had the baby I would go home to your family especially if you have no one here to even talk to.

You can talk to a lawyer.

As soon as your both healthy enough I would move back home! An wouldn’t tell a single soul! If he is acting like this now he definitely won’t help out like he says. He doesn’t want contacted now? Ok No problem! He wouldn’t be contacted at all or the mutual friends you have.


Find a friend a neighbor ? Maybe
And see how the fathers baby is after baby is born maybe you will end up back together

Contact his lawyer and tell him to inform tha baby father to stay out of your life and your child life my dear you can do better believe me. God is always with you sweetie


A committed marriage was prob. A good ideal…

pray and leave the baby daddy alone

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Girl I would delete his number don’t contact him. That baby can have a happy home with just you. I wouldn’t even let him know when the baby was born. He is basically letting you know that he doesn’t want you or baby. Contact a lawyer and see what the laws are in that country. Go by them to take your child home after it is born. Talk to your doctor about seeing if there is a support group for you during the last of your pregnancy.

Rest up breathe try to relax have your precious baby when you are well move home to family friends a d support he is only a man a man that git you pregnant you could not have got pregnant alone he served his purpose you don’t need a baby daddy like him go where your wanted have no fear I Wish you the very best expect nothing from him only give what he is legally entitled to! Xxx

My ex left me when i was pregnant and didnt do much for me before he left and less after. I know how you feel. I went through hell with my pregnancy with heparin injections for clots coupled with other health risks. Best advise i can give: if he doest bother to show up at the hospital with a serious condition that threatens you and baby, he isnt worth the scuff marks on your shoes. Dont drag your feet after him. You are strong and will make it through this. Dont focus on what you dont have. Focus on what you have now: a baby, a future, a chance at a new life if you want it. You can be your light in the shadow. You can light up your world and face it with hope. Its daunting. Its never easy. You made a move to a place you didnt know many. That took courage. You have that potential. Its time to focus on you, momma. I know you can do this! 🙋💗


What did you do to make him leave you?

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