I'm really frightened as I am 17 weeks pregnant and still feel no movement, advice?

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First pregnancy?

I have had friends who didn’t feel movement until 25+ weeks with first bubba.
If after 20-21 weeks your still not feeling anything, I would go and gey checked out to be safe.

Don’t be scared.,…very normal at this early in pregnancy.

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It could still be too early to feel movement. And if you have an anterior Placenta it could be a while until you feel movement. If you are worried though, contact your dr and see of you can go in for a check up sooner than needed.

My daughter is pregnant with her first and didn’t feel movement till she was a little over 20 weeks.

My first pregnancy I felt my son at 17 weeks, my second pregnancy with my daughter I didn’t feel her until around 21 weeks :heart:

In my first pregnancy I barely felt movement. And even when I did I honestly thought it was stomach acid or gas. It was late in my pregnancy when I finally knew it was the baby. With my 2nd pregnancy I could feel movement around 20 weeks and up. Now I’m about 38 weeks pregnant and she won’t stop moving. Good luck.

20 weeks is when you usually start feeling that!!

I didn’t start feeling anything til after 20 weeks. Now mine doesn’t stop moving! Lol

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Don’t worry. Its still early

I’m 20 weeks and only feel him every once in a while. Its normal.

That’s normal!! Docs didn’t even start asking if I felt them moving consistently until after 20 weeks! Baby is still so tiny right now!

Normal, I’m 16 weeks with my 2nd and I didn’t feel anything until 18 weeks or so with my 1st and it was flutters. It will happen. This time around I bought a fetal doppler to feel better.

I’m on my fourth and didn’t feel anything until 19, and it wasn’t huge movement it all depends on where the placenta is located. Mine is in the front so takes longer to feel because it’s blocking all the movement and kicks.

I’m pregnant with my third and just barley felt my baby move at 17 weeks. No reason to stress yet :heart:

If this is your first you probably won’t till around 20 to 24 weeks I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant with my 2ed and didn’t feel movement until around 18 or 19 weeks with my first it was 24 weeks


I didn’t feel anything until 22+

With my second baby I didn’t start feeling anything until 19 weeks, and even then it wasn’t very often or very strong!

Don’t stress momma. I didn’t feel my 3 babies move till I was 20 weeks or after.

I’m 18wks I only feel movements sometimes… like lil flutters… w my other baby’s I felt them at 16 wks… it’s all different

With my first I didn’t feel kicks until 20 weeks. 19 weeks with my second.

Your uterus is pretty thick if this is your first. I barely felt my first baby until I was about 25w. I could see my stomach move more than I could feel. So no fret. Should happen after 20w.

You may have an anterior placenta, that’s how mine was this pregnancy and I didnt feel flutters until 18-19 weeks.

I was 22 weeks before even a flutter

Normal. I am 19 weeks pregnant with my fourth and still don’t feel much movement. You can always get a doppler to make yourself feel better with my third is was nice to have.

I was about 24 weeks befor I felt big movements

I didnt till about 20 weeks :slight_smile:

I didnt feel my first until 21 weeks

I didn’t feel movement until 22 weeks

Like others have said, it all depends on where the placenta is. My second baby i had an anterior placenta (front) and I only felt the flutters until I was about 26ish weeks. Then I could feel actual kicks - but they were still “muffled”. My first i also didn’t feel until I was well after 20 weeks.

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I was 24 weeks before I felt anything. Don’t worry, you’ll feel movement soon enough :blush:

What ever you do, don’t ask for advice on the internet! Ask your doctor. Best advice you will get

My first I was nearly 24 weeks before I felt her. Wasn’t convinced I was pregnant till I gave birth lol

I was around 20 weeks when I started to feel movement. See your general practitioner for peace of mind if you are worried :heart:

I didn’t feel any movements till I was like 21 weeks and am pregnant with my fourth. It all happens at different times for each person.

Placenta could be in the front that is what happened to me with my second one. If you are concerned you should be going to the doctor not questioning it

I did not feel movement with my first until 20 weeks and with this baby, I didn’t feel movement until 24 weeks

I was about 20 wks with my first before I felt butterflies.

At the beginning that early it almost feels like little butterflies and can be very easy to miss. Usually a little later you will start to feel movement. If you are ever worried though, ask your doctor for a US to check in baby.

If this is your first baby you probably won’t feel the baby move for a while also it depends on where he also sent it as if your placenta is in front of the baby you will barely feel the baby until later on during pregnancy. I didnt feel my first for almost 22 week my second his placenta was in front of him and I barely felt him until almost 28 weeks this is my third pregnancy and I have felt my daughter move since 18

It’s really common to not feel anything until 20+ weeks. If you’re still not feeling anything by 24 weeks talk to your Dr.