I'm tired of being the strong one

So sick of being the strong one in this marriage and having to always hold things together. If he only understood how much I really have to internalize because he can’t deal with the stress that his baggage brings. I’m almost 39 weeks pregnant in the beginning stages of labor at least and he’s in his feelings because of some babymama drama. I am understanding and he’s not wrong for the way he feels, but I don’t want to be the strong one right now. I’ve never been through labor or dealt with this, my daughter was breach and a scheduled c-section. Any other moms deal with similar? Are women just naturally better at handling stress and being strong?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I'm tired of being the strong one

We are better with stress and difficult times


Time to tell him to get his head on straight and take care of you his number one


Do many men are wimps.


Just tell him your right with what your feeling I love and support you but right now I need your support and I need to focus on our baby


Ha. I am also a SM. I put myself first all last week and people were upset :sweat_smile::joy::woman_shrugging: Like I can’t always let his stress be my stress. Shit is ridiculous

Women are stronger than men. It’s not just yours, unfortunately.


We dont really know ppl until we see them go through a life changing event (loss of something they’ve worked for, a death, a birth etc etc)
What you’re seeing now is his true colors, and regardless you’re stuck with him until someone leaves this earth
If you let this feeling you’re feeling now slide youre setting the standard for how your dynamic will play out in the future
You need to be clear in your need for him atm and see what his reaction is, than you’ll have an answer to how things will (potentially) always be between the two of you


So what I’m getting is he’s having issues with his other child’s mother and since you’re pregnant you’re all in your feelings because he’s upset :woman_shrugging:t2:


Love the one man on here laughing at everybody.

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Yes, the way I dealt it was by getting rid of the deadbeat. I have never regretted that decision :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Stress sucks…need to lean on each other

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First off, marriage isn’t always 50/50. Some days it 90/10. Some days its 20/80. If its on going, talk to him. And don’t forget, when you got with him, you accepted the family he already had. That includes the “babymomma”

Women get to express their feelings more than men who are supposed to be stoic. Just tell him you need him to be the strong one for you RIGHT NOW. He can feel some kind of way later.

I had two vaginal births: water broke before I got to the hospital, after an hour in pain I got an epidural for the first & that felt like being pleasantly buzzed. Had him 6 hours later. Harder to push, but no pain for me until discomfort later because I pushed kind of wrong. Second was w/o epidural, managed the contractions ok until the last hour or so when they were more intense; just breathed through them. had one really painful, awful contraction which broke my water at the end, but pushing was easier, recovery was fast.

Pamela that’s a great synopsis of your childbirth, but WTH did it have to do about anything she asked! Geez

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He needs to man up and support you in this difficult time!!!

You need to tell him what you told us. I think he’ll understand. Right now, if he needs support with that drama, he needs to talk with a friend or therapist.

Have you told him how you’re feeling? I’ve learnt that communication is key. As much as he needs to communicate his feeling and you take the wheel. You also need to communicate you’re feelings.