I'm Worried for My 15-Year-Old Niece, What's the Best Choice for Her?

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"So we just found out my 15-year-old niece is sexually active, to our surprise she's pregnant. My sister doesn't want her to abort the baby, but my niece does. Yes, she's too young to have a baby but my sister also thinks she is too young to make a choice like that as well. I'm on the fence about it and haven't really given my opinion on the matter. Just wondering what you ladies think?"

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"I mean, technically if she wants an abortion, that’s her choice. I’m not sure because of her age if she’ll need parental consent or a parent present or how that works but my personal opinion is if she wants an abortion, she should get one then she needs to make an appointment to get birth control"

"Is her mom going to take care of and raise the baby? Will her mom take full responsibility until her daughter's child turns 18? Will her mom deal with the judgment at school along with physical and emotional changes? The mother can feel however the hell she wants but that doesn’t give her a right to decide unless she wants to raise the baby herself & in that case the mother should get pregnant."

"Having two daughters that have been this age, I can’t imagine forcing them into motherhood. If she truly does not want to be pregnant and have this baby, there is a disaster in the making with her mother forcing her into this. I feel like the mom may feel guilty for not knowing this was going on. But the consequences of her guilt should not be forcing her daughter into pregnancy and motherhood. She should have been there for her daughter and known what was happening. I hate it when people say they can’t know what all their kids are doing. I was all up in my kids’ business and always keeping a strong and open relationship. Mom messed up. The daughter is still a child. But it is her choice to not be pregnant and she shouldn’t have to be. She has to right to have an abortion and continue growing up."

"Her body. Her choice."

"If she's too young to make the choice on her own to keep it or abort, then she's too young to make decisions for a child. It's her choice. Sounds like she's trying to make the best decision for her and the fetus"

"Her body her choice. If she wants to abort then the mother should be helping her get to that appt"

"100% her choice! She has to carry it, endure the judgment and take care of it the rest of her life. It’s not up to the mother to decide. It is up to the mother to hold her daughter's hand and support her decision 100% then help her go on birth control."

"She may be underage but if that's a choice she wants to make then the best thing to do is support what she decides"

"She wanted to have sex, she clearly didn’t want to have a baby. Your sister should support her through her decision. Being made to keep a baby she doesn’t want will have massive consequences for the daughter and the child."

"Her body her choice. No child deserves to be born as a punishment to their parent"

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What I find amazing here, is that not one of you suggested adoption as an alternative. She made a mistake by getting pregnant. She created a life. Does that child deserve to die for a mistake that was made by someone else? There are so many people out there that would welcome a beautiful new born child into their lives. Why not give them that gift? You can pick up your life from there, learn from past mistakes, and be a wiser and more compassionate person for all that you have been through. Abortion is the easy way out. But, one has to think about the emotional and mental repercussions it can have through the rest of your life. Think, research, and then make an educated choice. Don’t just make an emotional choice.