Inexpensive gift ideas for neighbors?

I usually give my neighbors a small satchel with either store bought or homemade candy, and a card for the holidays. But this year I would really like to do something different, and inexpensive. Any ideas? I also don’t want to bake this year because people are leery and I don’t want my money going in the trash. Thanks!!!


Bath kit with any 2 (or more) of the following items: Bath or shower bombs, scrubbie, body wash, washcloth or wash mitts, loofah, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, fancy bar of soap or liquid soap.

Bottle of modestly priced wine & 2 or more wine glasses from the dollar store. Or a corkscrew. No wine charms; no one uses them & they’ll sit in a junk drawer.

Dish towels. If you want, add 1 or more kitchen utensils like spatula, scraper, big spoon, big fork, tongs, peeler, corkscrew, can opener, trivet, oven mitt/s, kitchen sponges.

Soup mixes. Add a pot or soup bowls off you want.

Dried fruits and nuts or cheese and crackers.

Masks, reusable or disposable. If you want add hand sanitizer &/or antibacterial spray/wipes.

Boxes of flavored tea bags. Add one or more cups from the dollar store if you want. Or substitute hot cocoa or interesting coffee for the tea.

Homemade cookies, bread, loaf cake, fudge or soup.