Interactive ideas for a 10 month old?

Can anyone recommend interactive activities for a 10 month old? She’s pretty advanced in her motor skills I would say. Almost walking now and very mobile. I need activities to entertain her other than tv and her usual toys because she just seems to be bored with everything i give her at this point. She also puts literally everything in her mouth so need things that are safe for that lol.


Board books, baby pools, baby + adult swim lessons, child’s toy musical instruments, tube to crawl through, vinyl piano pad, petting zoo, Jolly Jumper if they haven’t been banned, Rubik’s cube to twist, move to different kinds of music together, RECenter programs for tots, read to her.

Pots and pans , spatulas, spoons . They love to make noise ! Anything musical they enjoy . Also , check out usborne books ( paper pie now ) , discovery toys .