Introducing a Father

I got pregnant accidentally with a 3 month fling and was told that he would pay for an abortion or never talk to him again, so I never talked to him again. I have been a single mom since day one, never collected child support. I asked him one time when she was 6 months old if he wanted to be a part of my daughters life and he said no. 8 years later he now wants to be a part of her life. She has never asked and just tells people she doesn’t have a dad it’s just mommy. I told him when she asks to meet him I will reach out then, making it her decision. He now feels I’m keeping her from him because I didn’t say yes to being in her life. I’m torn because I’m not trying to keep him from her but also being protective because I don’t know what type of relationship it would be, I don’t know him that well. I also want it to be her choice. She doesn’t know any different. So do I bring it up to her and ask if she wants to meet him or wait until she is mature enough to ask and wants to know?