Ipad games for kids?

Hey ladies I need some help, first time mama here. My baby boy is going to be 1 next month and I’m getting him an iPad mini for his birthday gift. what games are good and effective for babies that are about to be 1 and growing/learning? I’m looking for games that will help him learn but I’m not sure which ones to pick. I just know ABC mouse lol


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Perhaps he is too young for an ipad. Look into age appropriate learning toys ie puzzles, building blocks, books you can read to him, etc.


Too young for screen time

  • signed every pediatrician ever

That’s a job for YOU to source out what YOU will actually sit with and engage with them while enjoying it for a smaaall part of their day
Nothing beats the hands on approach and play while learning they need to touch and feel and explore while encouraging silliness imagination and emotional at that age and that should be encouraged more than any type of screen time


I’m definitely not trying to be one of those moms but I honestly think reading to him and interacting with him with the alphabet, number, blocks, shapes, etc. is better for his young age. ABC Mouse is great but also look into Leap Pads. That’s what we got our daughter when she young. Just my opinion.


Take it from a mother of 3 you don’t wanna start the screen time thing. They get obsessive and that’s all they end up doing.


Uhm just sit down with them n teach them the abc n 123 - they need fine & gross motor skills not screen time


No kid should have any type of electronic device. You should be doing the teaching and letting him play and use his imagination


way too young for that in my opinion


Mine has an iPad, no judgement here as my 10 year old is super smart and I think the iPad helped with that.

I just searched toddler games, and you will find some good ones.


Keep him off technology and teach him by talking to him and delve ping his language skills. Technology is not good for brain development.


Leap frog learning toys, I loved these products when my son was young. Its not an iPad but effective and age appropriate. Its a Gentle suggestion Educational & Learning Toys for Toddlers | Kids Toys | LeapFrog

My daughter loves:
Balloon Pop!
Coloring Games
Kids Paint
Kids Preschool Learning Games
Learning Colors
Piano Kids-Music Songs


Don’t listen to those who harp about about devices as long as you are in control and I must say,my grandson learnt how to count and colours from watching educational YouTube videos

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How about a nice set of toys drums? And some cloth and rubber books that dpuble as teething toys? Ooh! Some ride on toys are also lots of fun. There are so many actual toys that will give sensory stimulus and help with his motor skills out there! Don’t waste money on an iPad. Instead get a sand table! Or a toddler jungle gym!


Go through the google store on your phone for age appropriate games. Most of them at his age are songs. Which are catchy to a child. You might check out matching colors or shapes to.

As an IT dad (but I’m a single parent) I see technology as the future of society as we know it, I’d say 1 may be a little early but as long as it’s in small doses I think it should be fine, I think there’s lots of good educational apps out there (I prefer Android tablets) so I’m not sure what’s on an iPad for that my 6 and 8 year Olds each have tablets and they have my hand me down game consoles, on playstation there’s games that can help you to learn to read and put appropriate words in the right places as an early reader, my eldest has learning disabilities and my youngest is in first grade (online school) and he wakes up opens his laptop and does his school work usually without much need of interaction from me, he’s a brilliant kid as is my eldest son who I have to coach him along in his studies as he also has visual issues so I have to do a lot of things with audio prompts so it’s a needs case basis, but I think that both of them have benefitted greatly with tablet use the eldest learns best on his tablet cause it is touch screen and cam be held right up in front of him

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Learning cartoons and learning songs are best for this age group. Jack Harttman are my kids favorite videos. Turn it into fun. 2_3 years maybe short videos and then 3_4 downloadable games. Age four and up actual educational movies and learning cards based on attention span growth.


I think he’s to young for an iPad. My son just turned 4 and we got him an iPad for his birthday. That’s just my opinion but I would wait


Age 1 with an iPad, he’ll be more interested in the box


Just type in toddler learning games, you’ll find a bunch of good ones, it’s been a while so I can’t remember the names, but my kid learned super fast.

Learning songs counting blocks anything along those lines I didn’t give technology to my oldest 3 and my 4 th borrowed from sibling and he is extremely advanced learning and it’s all thanks to iPhone and iPad he counted to 100 and counted in 10’s and 100’ and abc and colours shapes before he was 2 and a half .

But I heard good things about ABC mouse ,
Limit time
No internet
Have a set time, so they can’t use it as an “ I’m bored “ excuse
Find a game you can both play

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No judgement here. Look at the endless ABC & 123 apps & PBS kids. Peppa Pig also has a learning app & Noggin. Apps are usually geared toward a little older age group but you can play while he watches.


The fact that everyone thinks the kid is going to be ignored and that mom
Is not going to read or have him play with toys…. :joy::joy:.

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My son actually learned a lot from him tablet. He only uses it in the car really. I think he got it when he was 2 or 3 though. Anyway, we have the fire tablet and he has Amazon kids…it’s perfect because it sets everything up for their age. He can pick and download things himself too. Other than that, he loves Khan academy kids, but I am not sure if 1 is too young for that.

My babes love the play school (the show)games and the abc kids app.

I would try a kids tablet instead of an ipad if it were me. Too much to accidentally do on the ipad

Baby Bus .I download it and it’s amazing.

Whatever you do, do not get Roblox!!! My child is addicted to that game!! If she had to choose between ice cream and Robux ($) she chooses Roblox

Too young. Don’t do it. You will destroy any imagination and creativity he may have. Let kids be kids.

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I like to think having a connection teaches more than any game could


My two are 10 and 13, we have a collection of board games , just added. Connect 4, life and guess who…
No internet
Sometimes Nintendo DS

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An iPad for a one year old :flushed::flushed:

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I don’t know if they still have a game like this but mine used to have a little sesame Street game where you could color and interact on the computer by just moving around the mouse or you could react on the computer with the space bar and it was simple and easy for even a toddler to do like they could do things just by moving the mouse around one of them was coloring the other was I forget what the other one was but they had several different activities where all you had to do is move the mouse and it was really simple even a toddler could do it .

My son has autism and at 2 didn’t really know how to use a tablet. He’s now 3 and can change videos, games, ect. Most of the time it’s the only thing that calms his sensory meltdowns.

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Bimby bo or something like that is really good
But any colouring game
Popping ballons
Counting games

As a mom with a 7 year old and an 11 year old - do something other than an ipad lol my son is a constant battle with his Xbox, my daughter is trying to be glued to YouTube 24/7. I swear the screens become addicting to them. They don’t learn, they just want to sit and watch the screen.

anything that has them kinda matching things (colors & shapes). sooo many options once you type in learning/educational.

your kid, your choice.

Don’t do it.

How about sign him up to receive free books every month?

My 1 year old just wants to follow me from room to room and play with cat food. :woman_facepalming:


Get him some books. Read to him


Busy beavers on YouTube are videos with very catchy songs that help kids learn their ABCs, shapes, colors and counting. Our son watched these videos and learned these concepts very quickly.

As your child gets older the BOB apps and books are great to develop the fundamentals for reading.

As far as games check out abcya.com tons of free games categorized by age/grade level.

Lmao … Get him a water table or a smart trike or something suitible for a 1 yr old you friggen idiot.

Said as the mum of a little boy who just turned 1


Stop ruining your kids with that crap teach him things instead of just gettting them these electronic devices wake up people

Buy him a bike and let him go nuts

Buy some montessori toys, etc. screens damage eyesight and causes concentration issues while learning without screens and screen addiction which leads to behavioural issues. My 7yr doesnt even have an ipad and wont get a phone until shes 16. Tv and those wrist watch phones are enough until they are late teens.

Please dont… way too young, so bad for their brain development.


AAP recommends no screentime below 2 yrs old.


Unpopular opinion but what ever happened to kids playing outside? Do we just not do this anymore?


Get him something for outside

do not buy a 1 year old a fucking ipad. for christ’s sake

Blocks, cars, balls, thoes are the best toys

…take him to the park or something wtf… we all know how this is gonna go. don’t ignore your child omg