Irish boy names?

My husband and I are due with a boy in a few weeks. We are looking for strong irish boy names and cannot find anything that we like. Any ideas?

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Colin Declan Patrick aloysius Keegan

Connor, Duncan, Liam

Cian or Kian. I absolutely love that name. My family is Irish and we have several.

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My sons name is Cian (Lee-yin)

Declan, Liam, Tristan

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I’m Irish and named my son Devon after Devonshire. You can also spell it Devin or Devan if you think it would be mispronounced by Americans.

Our son’s name is Rónán

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My 11 year olds name is Irish Timothy Patrick
My 10 year olds name is
Dubhlinn David russell.

I have an Aiden Conner

I’ve always loved the names Kieran and Aidan

Senan Rián Fionn Seamus Eabhán(Evan) Cronan ,Rodhan, Liam !

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My sons name is declan. Its Irish :grin:

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I have a Aiden and Liam both irish names

Patrick Sean or Shawn Patrick

Emerson is used for both boy and girl.

Gina Jordan can ye help her out??

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I have a nephew who’s name is Deklan

My son is shay and husband is Sean

We have Rory means Red King in Irish

I have an Oisín and Dáithí… Oisín meaning is “little deer” and Dáithí means “beloved” x

Padraic/Padraig, Darragh, Carrick, Cathal, Colm, Cormac, Diarmuid/Dermot, Donal, Enda, Fergal, Finbar, Lochlan, Murtaugh, Riordan, Tierney, Turlach.

I have a Derrick George (named after passed family members) and a Patrick Shawn (What my husband was almost named).

I have a konnor and a brayden

My sons name is Kale (Gaelic spelling is Cael) I am Irish and hawaiian and this name is actually in both so I went with a middle ground spelling. In Hawaiian it mean “strong one” in gaelic it’s meaning is a warrior name/ “slender.”

Aiden , Declan,. Connor, Shea,