Is $250 a week too much to ask for babysitting?

Is 250 a week too much to ask for babysitting a child under 1? A little over 40 hours a week. 8 to 5.


Absolutely. That’s ridiculous.


Yes. I am a nurse, had a babysitter that babysat 6am to 8:30pm some days and everother wkend, i pd $200 a wk

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That’s not bad at all because usually it’s 300 or a lil more

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I think it depends where you are and what all you are providing… when I ran daycare I charged 40$ /day. I provided all meals and my hours were 7-5, and I provided receipts.

Now that I’m back to work and paying for daycare I’m paying roughly 450/month for my 2 yr old and roughly 380-400/ month for my 4yr old.

I actually think it’s reasonable… maybe I’m crazy. I babysit full time from home and charge 25$ a day perk kid with the goal in mind I’m helping parents that are struggling and can’t afford an average daycare, while they are helping me. Keep in mind you are competing with other babysitters in your area as well as daycares. Charge more affordable and they will come to you. Average daycares in my area charge at least 900-1000 per month and only have limited times (7-3 etc) if you charge more they might as well enroll there kiddos in daycare. For some of the families that struggle on minimum wage they’d be working to give away they’re whole check to you. It really just goes with what you feel is right and how bad you need a little cash flow.


Yes way to much average is $30-40 day


Where do y’all love that a babysitter makes $10-15/hr? Washington minimum wage is the highest at $15.74 so what’s a single mom in that state supposed to do if all the sitters (probably not even qualified or trained beyond having their own kids) charge $15 an hour? Do any of you that is suggesting she charge $10-15 an hour realize how ridiculous that rate is for 1 child? Babysitting ISN’T a minimum wage job unless you have more than 1 client.

I personally feel like that’s absurd!! I paid a daycare 210.00 for THREE KIDS a week and 200.00 for a in home babysitter for THREE kids a week! I’d have to find other options! :melting_face:


It’s never a cut and dried question, it depends on all kinds of variables such as your age and experience, what you offer like meals or diapers, and also things like what area you are in. You’re better off calling multiple other babysitters in your area and asking their rate. My last babysitter charged $8/hr for three kids, not per kid, and that was just last year. But for a huge city it would be astronomically higher.

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My sitter always charged $25 an hour.
During the summer we would do $500 a week and I always felt bad. But at the time I could t afford to pay her and my bills at the same time.
I had a baby and two school age boys.


I think alot depends on where you’re located… I paid 210 per week in a daycare when my son was 3 over 25 years ago… so no 250 is not too much for a 1 year old.

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Where do you live lol 10 years ago I was making $850

For someone who isn’t licensed by the state, doesn’t have ECE classes, and doesn’t follow a state regulated curriculum, yes that’s too much. There’s people who pay that at a licensed facility where they do have to follow a curriculum, are educated, cpr and first aid certified and offer food in with that price. I worked in daycares and school districts for 12 years (NC, SC and FL) and would not pay a babysitter that much.

Personally I don’t think that’s too much. It’s only 6.25 an hour. I’m assuming the sitter would have to feed at least breakfast and lunch, change diapers, not to mention 1 year Olds are all over the place. That’s literally a full time, 40 hour a week job for only $250.


That’s really cheap for babysitting full time. You are cheapening the work you would be doing.

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I’d say no, it’s not too much…. If you are CPR certified, licensed, providing meals and education. If not, I’d expect the price to be lower.

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Nope because that’s about 6.25$/hour. You ask what you think you deserve especially since a child under 1 is not an easy task because they require more work due to diaper changes bottle feedings etc.

Call a few preschools in your area and find out the going rate. Is it comparable? But keep in mind…if your local preschools are charging a comparable rate then an at home sitter (especially if unlicensed) shouldn’t expect to collect the same. To me, it sounds reasonable. But it all depends on where you live and what the going rate for child care is around you.

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I pay 300 a week for 7 kids BUT that is because we have a live in babysitter (which is my mom) she lives with us, we pay all the bills, provide food and everything else for her and our kids as well pf course and we pay her so she will have some money to go on herself, she also helps out with cleaning up the house and laundry from time to time as well. If they were to all attend a daycare I would be looking at least roughly 700+ a week.

If you’re doing that many hours you should be registered and have insurance


Depends on if this is a licensed daycare or not.


In my area that is how much a fully licensed daycare with curriculum and licensure would charge. They also provide breakfast and lunch and certified staff.

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$6.25 an hour to watch a baby is dirt cheap.


My son is in a licensed daycare for 160 a week until he is over 2 and potty trained before the rates go down.

Im gonna pay 30 a day 8-3

I was paying 250 a week for 4 kids

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I got $100 a week babysitting my neighbours kids Monday-Friday 8-5 when I was still at that babysitting age. For daycare now I would be paying $250 per week if my kiddo went full time. Idk I think it’s reasonable

I pay $40 a day for my daughter who is just under 1 in a in home daycare I think your price is reasonable if the parent is able

It depends on the situation. If you’re in their home doing nothing else or some light housekeeping too then it’s too little. Especially if you’re going to report the income and they’re going to pay nanny taxes and you’re going to pay taxes.
If you’re home with your kids, running your errands and cleaning your house, then depending on where you live 250/w is about the going rate, maybe a little low. There’s a huge difference between what people in NYC area charge vs rural Kansas, for example. I would research rates of local childcare’s.
Additionally, make sure you check your state’s in home childcare rules and regulations. Most states you have to watch more than one child to be considered a child care but it depends. You should also get an umbrella insurance policy just in case.

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If you don’t agree then you stay home with your kid. Please pay appropriately. Remember it’s your child.

It depends on where it is and what kind of facility. I pay $12 an hour for private care for my 9 year old

It’s going to depend on a lot, so asking on a world wide page doesn’t necessarily help. Your area really determines this. Some people live in areas where the median income is $60K+. You might live in an area where the median income is $35K or less. You need to kind of go based off what the people in your area make and can afford. In my area you’re charging the same as the daycares, but you’re more expensive than the baby sitters. But the rate in your area might be okay. What they provide for you, or what you provide takes into consideration too. Lots of things go into this, but I think some of those are a little important!

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No it’s not unreasonable at all but tbh, I’d be asking at LEAST $10-$15 an hour . In this economy people cannot survive off of minimum wage and $250 for over 40 hrs a week of work is a rip. If this is your only source of income advocate for yourself and ask for more, if they don’t agree I would look for a different job. I know of plenty of babysitters that get paid at least 25-30$ an hour.

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No. 250 to 270 at daycare for kids for 2 and under around me in Missouri. As long as you tech abd feed etc your god

That is $6.25 an hour. I think that is super reasonable. If you provide food I would charge more.

That’s a full time job roughly 1000 per week and 13k a year. That’s not enough, unfortunately.


Who The hades can afford to pay $250 a week for a babysitter. Damn stay home if it’s gonna cost that much

That’s a steel around here. I think it varies greatly by area/state.


If you are afamily member there should not be a charge for you do it to help out and give them lots of love when you can be there for them

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Min. Wage times the hours of work is what you should charge.

I wish :rofl: where I live baby sitters are at a minimum of $35 per hour

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Thats less than minimum wage.

It’s depends!! First on location ,
Are you going to babysit at your place or the baby place?
Normally when you take care of the kids at your place is cheaper because you can watch more kids . If you do it at their place you charge a little more, to cover gas and because you will be exclusive to that kid .

I’m a babysitter in Jacksonville NC and I charge 30 daily

It’s too much if your not licensed. How old are you.

Sharon Hart If you can’t afford it take your kids somewhere in your budget. Being a full time babysitter working 40 hours a week is a whole ass job. Obviously someone getting paid minimum wage wouldn’t ve able to afford it, but guess what, the entire country isn’t making minimum wage and there are people who would happily pay $250 a week for a full time babysitter.

My grandma lives with me and my husband rent free and receives $250/week ($1000/mo) for watching my 15 month old son.

I pay $15 per hour for my kid at daycare

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Im asking $120 a day for 8 hours. $250 a week is minimal…

I work at a early headstart center. Our job pays us $16.00 an hour if we only have our GED or HS diploma. & $16.50 if we have our CDA. & $18.00 an hour if we have our AA degree in ECE.

But our place of employment pays us bi-weekly. I make $1200 every 2 weeks. I have my CDA.
Early education is free for our kids here on our Native Reservation in SD.

Our kids come to school Monday-Thursday 8am-3pm and Friday 8am-12pm.

We also have the little buses that we use to pick up and transport the babies home in.

We are the 6week -3 year old center. Then next door we have the 3-5 year old center.

We provide the breakfast, lunch and snacks. We also provide the diapers, wipes and formula, if a baby is breastfed we encourage the mothers to come to our centers regularly to breastfeed their child.
We also have extra clothes here for the kids and have a laundry room here at our center where we wash the child’s clothes in they get them dirty.

So in the morning, the parents just have to send their babies to school with nothing but their own personal bottle (if they are still using bottles) and a blanket for naptime.

Other than that we have everything they need here.

Daycares wanted 250 a week, luckily our daughters godparents did it for $125 a week…i supplied everything, toys, food, diapers, wipes though. 6-430

Not enough - minimum wage is $15/hr


Where I’m at it’s $700-800 a month per kid so that’s a tad bit high.

My daughter was paying 325 week quit her job

No it’s not. That’s what you’d pay a teenager.

It’s 15 to $20 an hour in my area so that’s really cheap.

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I was paying 104.00 for full time daycare which included meals and snack and drop off was at 6am to 5pm the other daycare charged 204.00 and every year they provided me my tax write off of my payments for my taxes. They where licensed and a 4 Star facility whom passed inspections and CPR certified etc and had insurance incase accidental!

I charged $200 a week. From 330 pm til 6/7 am and I provided the food etc the parents only brought diapers n pull ups and I watched two kids 5 days a week

I was playing $350 a week for 1 child (age 3-4) during the school year (preschool) and $300 during the summer (because no curriculum.)
Personally I feel like that is very reasonable, since it’s not a certified center.
However if you have to include meals for the child do yourself a favor and charge at least $25 more a week.

When you think about it you could definitely make more at a regular job working those hours, and wouldn’t have to deal with diapers, potty training, feedings, naps, and let’s be real fits.

Thats 1000 a month which i about the cost of childcare anyways🤷‍♀️ i think its perfect. We paid 950 for fulltime

In my area it would be $400.

in co it’s around $25/$30 a DAY! not by hour

I paid that 17 years ago at a church daycare

I was paid $650 weekly for 3 kids.

This is the state of Oregons rate of pay for child care.

I pay $200 a week for 3 kids, 4 days a week from 8-5PM. But I also provide snacks and food and anything else needed!