Is 4 pm too late for a birthday party?

Is 4pm too late for a 4 year old birthday party? Her birthday is in July and it’s ALWAYS hot. The facility we’re going to have it at only has 1-3PM slot or 4-7PM slot.


Nope. My daughter just had a party today that was 6-8. She’s had quite a few of those actually. Also parties at our local pool are 7-9. I prefer later times lol.

Are you serving dinner? If not do it between 1-3

I would prefer a 4:00 party any time :joy::white_heart: for my kiddos! :birthday: :tada: but now a days barely people show up so I hope all works out!

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4 is Perfect, we don’t usually attend parties when people have 1pm birthdays as it affects my kids nap time :upside_down_face: my kids our not the best when the have to skip nap time, although my 4 year old is slowly growing outa naps he still needs them.

Perfect time. You still have time to calm the kiddos down before bedtime and they didn’t miss naptime

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Nope! 4:00 is totally okay in my opinion.

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I would say as long as you are having something to eat, no that’s not too late at all.

Nope. It’s perfect for us but it ends up being an all night thing.

Perfect…then you can provide dinner

It’s depend , on the day and the place will offer dinner options like pizza

I love 4pm party times. For a couple reasons. One, normally they have a super or at least appetizers so I can make them a sandwich for supper n be done with it since they filled up at the party and also they will be so worn out by the end of the party bedtime is a breeze!

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No, my daughter has had a couple in the evening that she went to

Not to late at all however as others have mentioned that time slot would require stable food to be provided as well as the cake/ice cream. I always prefer evening parties as it gave me more time to set up/prepare, plus gave the attendees the better part of the day to have family time and get errands run before showing up.

1-3 is after lunch but before dinner. The 4-7 spot falls right over dinner time so you would need to provide food (not just cake and ice cream). Aside from the food, there’s nothing wrong with the 4-7 time.

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I much prefer later timed birthdays. :woman_shrugging:

I much rather go to a party at 4-7pm
Let the kids play then crash at bedtime