Is a 9 month old not saying words normal?

my 9 month old has stopped saying words and is now just making sound and screaming…is this normal? he was saying mama, dada and baba


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is a 9 month old not saying words normal?

I don’t know if I would be too worried about it yet. But I do know regression is a sign of autism. But I think that happens more around 15 months. I would talk to the Dr about it.


My daughter is doing the same thing but I figured it was probably because she is the youngest kid in the house and isn’t having to try to talk

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They’re literally a baby lol chill


Dr…straight away… may I ask if you recently vaccinated?


And no Im not an anti vaxxer, I just know that sometimes there are reactions…my youngest had issues…


Everyone is different. Don’t worry :heart:

I think it’s fine if he was speaking before mine is almost 18 months and does t say anything just alot of noises she is the youngest of 5 which means she should well be speaking by this time her doctor is gonna diagnose for autism at her next visit more than likely

My girls like 16 months and jus babbles and says mama and dada and that’s about it and I’m not even worried one bit. All kids r different n let them b babies they will all talk eventually :rofl::heart:

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Not normal… but remember that every child is different. Has anything changed?? Has he been taken to a doctor?? Try to encourage him… gently

Those are all ones that start out as babbling sounds more than being true words, so I wouldn’t be terribly concerned, just ask at the next appointment. And make sure baby is hearing you and responding.


Consult your pediatrician. Stay at Home Moms :fire:

I’d definitely talk to your pediatrician. It could be a sign of spectrum disorder, that also includes autism


Plz take him n check in with his Pediatrician. When he’s not using his words and is screaming or pointing to things he wants. STOP giving him what he wants!!! If your giving into him or giving him everything he wants, even as young ad he is-he has no reason to use his words.


My youngest cousin wouldn’t say anything other than mom and dad (in our native language) until she was around 2.5 years old. My aunt took her to several doctors and then made vows at the church etc. Now the kid doesn’t shut up. She’s 3 years and 9 months now and she literally said “shut up” to my grandma the other day while she was talking as she wanted to interrupt and say something :joy:

He’s 9 months old!!! This is :100: normal!!! Are you expecting him to recite the pledge of allegiance? FFS. Why are parents rushing babies so much? He will talk. Just keep talking to him and encouraging him and let it happen. Jesus Chr!st. Don’t assume something is wrong.


I wouldn’t worry until school age. My son was that way & I used to try to force him to say words if he wanted something, never really worked lol but when school came he got speech therapy for a couple of years at school & turned out fine.

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I’m a pediatric RN. Online diagnoses by amateurs and googling symptoms will scare you to death. The only thing that’s going to give you peace of mind is taking your baby to the pediatrician. Don’t panic! Make a list of questions before you go. You’ll be anxious and will probably forget to ask something. The list is important. Note the changes you’ve noticed with dates and times if possible. Be your child’s advocate. You are their voice! Make the doctor hear you. Explain your concerns. If there’s been a change in behavior for whatever reason your concerns ARE valid. That doesn’t mean something’s wrong with your baby but you need to know either way. If the doctor ignores your concerns find another pediatrician. Call and make that appt!!!:heart:


Wait until you potty train!! They’ll go forwards, then backwards, but eventually get it. They’re children & yours is a baby!!
We’re too quick to make children grow up then wonder why they don’t do kid stuff like we used to.


You guys, cut her some slack. She sounds like a new mom.


My oldest didn’t say words until he was almost two. He hasn’t stopped with the words since.

Enjoy the silence while you can.

On a serious note, each child reaches milestones at their own pace. If his ears are okay, and he’s reaching other milestones, I wouldn’t worry too much. He will get there.

Regression happens. Is he screaming in pain, or screaming to express himself? My son would grunt and point. He could say mama, Dada, etc but wouldn’t.


My son did this around the same age. At first the dr said “it’s normal and those were probably just babbling I wanted to hear Mama” etc and then we had what felt like a lifetime of double ear infections hit back to back and finally got tubes in within a few weeks. Teething and ear infections definitely played a role in our experience/lives. Just keep an eye on him. Encourage him and if you’re worried-as a mother tends to do, make an appointment and get him looked at. At 9 months there’s going to be a lot of factors that can play a role in his babbling, sleeping and eating-also impacting his attitude and energy levels. Don’t panic. Absolutely don’t panic. Make notes and discuss it with the Pediatrician. The next 3 years are a lot of back and forth dances.


My baby stopped saying those words and eventually started saying new words

My girl didnt talk right away either she had issues from ear infections but she is good now and is an adult

My son who will be 6 September 1st was saying Mama,Dada, bottle, and a few other words around 9-10 months and then after he turned 1 it stopped completely and he would only cry and scream! We could tell something wasn’t right and the Doctors kept saying oh it’s nothing, but we knew it was something! And when he was 3 the doctor FINALLY said we should get him tested for Autism and we were referred to a specialist and after being put on a 6-8 month wait list he was finally seen and was diagnosed with Autism Level 2!
I am DEFINITELY not say that your child is autistic, but just wanted to give alittle insight to our situation!
Our son has started talking a little more again now, but he is still very quiet and doesn’t communicate like other children his age and he rarely will actually talk to you directly! It’s typically him just saying a word or two to himself. We have had him in speech therapy for about 2 years now and he’s definitely gotten a little better, but I can’t really say it’s the speech therapy helping because he rarely talks to anyone but he will say a few words to mommy and dad now but with strangers he normally won’t say anything at all. I truly hope this isn’t the case with your child because I understand how upsetting and hard it is on you as a parent. We love hearing our son call us Mom and Dad and just hearing him talk and when it stopped it broke our hearts because as parent that was one thing we looked forward to and loved hearing and communicate with us and now we just hope and pray that with the speech therapy and us working with him that one day he will be able to live a semi-normal life even though he has major communication boundaries! :heart: If you need someone to message or talk to you can always send me a message! But I would definitely seek a doctor’s input especially if you have noticed a big difference because we noticed it rather quickly and unfortunately the doctors just passed it off as normal until it wasn’t getting any better and they say there’s a certain age they wait to diagnose children and we knew something wasn’t right way before he was actually diagnosed


If child isn’t speaking by 3 then I’d be a little concerned. You can always ask pediatrician.

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Signs of being on the spectrum can be found at a young age . I have 2 boys on the spectrum diagnosed before 12 months. But a diagnosis won’t be made on one symptom alone. Being on the spectrum consists of multiple behaviours presenting themselves. Also as a mum of 7. My daughter just stopped talking for 6 months out of nowhere. The conclusion was she didn’t feel like it . Left both myself and her pead quite amused

U have to instill it on him dont give him anything till he uses the words hes still young enough that u dont need to be to worried :slight_smile:

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They should have words by like 3… that’s normal. Some children are advanced and are talking at 18 months but 9 months is way to early to expect words.


give it time… patience :heart:

At 9 months old i wouldnt worry just yet. I have read studies that too much cartoons can actually hinder speech. Try choosing shows like Miss Rachel. Real people who are close up and talking and increase reading to baby every single day.

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My son was the same way. He was saying 3 words at 9 months but completely stopped by 1yr. I did my research and discovered that in my case, a certain addictive show (cocomelon) was the caused. At 18 months, I banned the show from my home and started him on Ms. Rachel. Now he’s 2yrs old and can’t seem to shut up. Lol.

At 9 months i would be concerned could be whats called a regression which are temporary so they can master a new skill or a significant change in environment. Just be aware of other things that are different and talk to peds if it continues


No. Anytime there’s regression like that is a cause for concern. See your pediatrician. If they brush you off, get a second opinion. Really advocate for your child.

Some good news: If something is wrong, early intervention is better. States have programs to pay for speech therapy, physical therapy, and much more for very young children who are falling behind. Your pediatrician can refer your child and from there it’s a smooth process. It’s called the Early Intervention Program (might have a slightly different name in different states). Best wishes.


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My son didn’t say much until he was 1 - he didn’t form sentences until well after 3

Babies learn something then stop doing it so they have the capacity too learn NEW things :slight_smile: I always remember that when I think why isn’t she doing the stuff she was doing before

Omg hahaha 9 months? Chill! My 17 months says 3 words


I mean this sound familiar to my special needs son BUT I wasn’t worried until around 1 when he still wasn’t saying anything…. Give him some more time. We ended up getting my son a paediatrician and having him refer us for therapies as my son had other “signs” of autism

Regression from a foreign substance?


I can’t even with the comments on this !!! I swear you guys would think my kids are not ok!!! My kids only started walking at 18 months and couldn’t understand worked until close to 2 !! Ffs and they are perfectly fine


If he never said anything i would not be so concerned but because his language regressed I would talk to a doctor. This happened with my child and because I was studying atypical development at the time I was paranoid and took her to the doctor. He said she was fine and I was worrying over nothing but I kept insisting. She ended up being on the spectrum and needed speech therapy.

My oldest has this problem. He has to do speech therapy.

My daughter never really made those sound. She either said the word or she didn’t.
So in the beginning she was pretty quiet and now she doesn’t stop talking lol

My grandson was the same. Got through the baby babble and first words milestone then became nonverbal . Hes on the spectrum.
Continue to encourage speech with songs , stories etc but have him checked out and keep pushing the Drs …it can take a while for them to even look at the cause .The sooner you get a diagnosis the sooner he gets help.

Give it some time, they’re still young. If after age 1 to 1.5 they’re not, get them checked. Better to catch anything early than to have everyone tell you, “oh, they’re just fine!” and then kiddo is behind.

Any time I have concerns about anything I talk to the pediatrician. Even if it is just for peace of mind. It never hurts to see what they have to say.

Not to cause concern but my oldest who is autistic did that. He would talk lots then one day stopped (9-10 months)and didn’t start again until he was 7 years old.( I was hard on myself because I didn’t understand)No matter what the outcome is it’s nothing that you did. He may start again and it could be nothing. But out of experience if you think something is possibly off once he hits 1-2 go and get it checked out because getting it diagnosed takes a long time( it’s needed for school).

My friends son was like this she stopped letting him watch coco melon and it’s taking a bit but he’s starting to talk again

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Nope regression is not and can be sign of many things, best to talk with their PCP

My child is 15 months and only says mama, papa, dada, auntie but is constantly screaming…

My pediatrician told me that by 1 they should be saying at least one word. Yours is saying three. I wouldn’t worry about it, he’s still a baby. Probably just likes to scream and coo.

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He is supposed to be saying mama, baba, nana, caca, and babble. He is feeling out his consonants and his voice. That would include sounds, volume, pitch etc.

9 months is still infant age, I wouldn’t be concerned about words yet. Talk to your pediatrician about it, but I think autism is a far reach given how young your little one is.