Is a false negative pregnant test possible?

has anyone ever gotten multiple negative tests and been pregnant? I did with my first and I’m almost certain I’m pregnant again. I have every symptom. I would be about 6 weeks but I cant get a positive test. Doctors won’t take me seriously and do any other tests once a urine test comes back negative. they just treat my symptoms and send me home. it isnt getting any better and I just want to know if I am pregnant for sure or not because if not I’m nauseous, pukey, and lactating for no reason. I feel like I’m going crazy


Request an ultrasound or go to a different doctor.


A girl who went to HS with did. They confirmed it with 2 blood tests…

Find a different doctor who will do a blood test. I had very faint positives with my last pregnancy, but the blood test showed I was miscarrying.


Just relax. Seriously. Take your prenatals. Do what you would normally do while pregnant until you have a test that comes back positive. Just. Relax.


Go to anylabtest now- no dr order needed, ask for a blood test.

With my daughter I had a very faint barely visible positive home test… Went to the Drs, they did a urine test which was negative. I waited til I was late for my period and requested bloodwork… Sure enough I was pregnant.

Go to a different doctor, skip the urine tests!, and request bloodwork.

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I did… I had negative urine tests and still had a period for 5 months with my oldest. Finally my test came back positive and periods stopped. At my ultrasound the doctor said baby was measuring 22 weeks and said “how did we not catch this before now?” Like really… I told you i was pregnant. :pensive:


Yes I had negative tests had to have a blood test

Happened to me. Those negative tests including one blood test were worth the confusion cuz she turned 18 last week and graduated high school on May 16th. Best mothers day present I ever got…she was born on Mothers day May 13th, 2001 at 11:28pm.

W/ my son (my 1st) I was sure I was pregnant… Had missed 2 periods nauseous hot flashes dizzy spells SO tired… I took pregnancy tests every week for 4 weeks and they were all negative… I about passed out at work one day & was having chest pains so I went to the hospital… They were worried I could have a blood clot in my lungs and needed to do this test to see for sure but before they could do it they had to make sure I wasn’t pregnant cause I had told them all my symptoms. They did a urine test just like I had done every week for 4 weeks before & it was positive…

My mom had that issue no test would pick it up. It wasn’t until she was 6 months along. And obviously something was in there they did an ultrasound. She knew and she tried so hard to tell them. Nobody would listen


U need a new Dr my Dr got a negative urine from me n I told him my symptoms n then they did blood test n it came back positive

I tested negative for 4 months with my son on urine tests. The first blood test was negative, the second one showed HCG levels at 8 weeks and 3 weeks later an ultrasound showed 21 weeks lol

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I knew I was pregnant almost immediately with my youngest, spent 2 while weeks taking tests that all turned up negative before they finally started showing positive

I did with my current one.

I had negative tests for 4 months… didnt find out i was pregnant till 20 weeks i thought i had a tumor due to neg tests.

I got 6 negative tests with my first. Still had my monthly friend…due to lack of the hcg hormone. I was 29 weeks when I found out. Push for a blood test whether it be your ongyn or regular physician

Request a blood test I found out almost right away with both kids

Lactating? At 6 weeks?

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Have blood work done asap

Me too! I’d be 6 weeks today! Two negative tests but I’m gunna try again In a couple weeks. All the same symptoms as the last pregnancy which I lost the baby in December. Good luck!

yes i got two then third one positive at 6 weeks

with my second I ran into that issue … have they doen a blood test?

Get an ultrasound. I didn’t test right away and had obv signs missed 2 periods… Ultrasound confirmed

I had 4 negative pee stick tests, a blood test finally confirmed

Never had a positive with either of my pregnancies, both were born full term and very healthy ! They are now 31 and 29, my daughter was the same way, no positive, they did an ultrasound at about 6 weeks to verify, he is now 11 !

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Go to your health department and ask for a blood test . they’ll do it

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I didn’t get a positive with my second until I was 10 weeks and took four home ones and two at the doctor from 4 weeks on. The one that was positive was a blood test.

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I did with my first. I was almost 5 months before i got a positive and even then it barely showed up on the test at the doctors office.

Time will definitely tell!

Yep girl I’m in same boat right now and their not wanting to do anymore test on me…

Yes 16 negatives blood and urine (I laid in the hospital for a week and everything done shoulda killed her) and at almost 4 months SURPRISE

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I knew i was. Test came by i wasn’t. Went to doctors same thing. I paid to havw a blood test done found out a couple day’s later Was postive. My doctor was very nice aboit not listening. Even apologized and told me that it’s people like me that reminds them that they need to listen to their patients that we know our bodies better. Just pay to havw a blood test done is the only option. I was to early for a regular test to tell.

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Yes! I don’t produce enough of the hormone to detect it until I’m about 8 weeks along even in blood work

I was 16 weeks pregnant and still urine test was negative. Went for an ultrasound. Found out how far along I really was.

I took 2 pregnancy test and they were both positive I went to the health dept and they said i was negative. I called my doctor and they did blood test and it came out that I was pregnant. I was just so early on that some test wouldn’t detect it. So you could always get blood test done

Well you could just go to the ER say u had a positive home test but that u have a side pain…they will draw blood and do an ultrasound…thats what a friend of mine did.

Yes with my first tons of negative tests finally got a positive when i was like 10 11 weeks.

Go to the hospital and tell them your tummy hurts and you think your pregnant, ask for an ultra sound. The sac should show in there if nothing else does!

I think you can actually go to a lab and have a blood test done yourself

Make a dr apt and say you had a positive test they should do blood work or a ultrasound

I was 6 months before it was determined to be a cyst on my ovary

With my 2nd urine test didn’t show positive untill almost 3 months. But could also be a phantom pregnancy where your body acts like it is but you’re not

Go ask for a blood test from the hospital

Go 2 a different doctor.

I tested negative with an urine test, they had to do blood test on me

I kept giving negative results even the day of delivery. The Dr. said it was Neg. and sent me on my way, my water broke in the elevator I was 10 weeks shy of full term, baby weight was 2.4