Is a thicker than normal uterus a sign of pregnancy?

So I have an anonymous question, and I’m kinda confused about what I’ve learned at my OBGYN appt today. So reverse to about 2-3 weeks ago, my Breast milk had come back in, and I was having symptoms of being pregnant again, constant feeling nauseous, breasts hurting, and really crampy. My primary Dr did pee/blood tests. Both were all negative. Well i had an appt today to get the Nexplanon and I lied and told my ob-gyn that i had a positive test a week ago, so that way they could do another test and an ultrasound so I could be 100% sure before I got the Nexplanon, I’ve been on the Nuvaring since July, but i want to be 100% sure that I was NOT pregnant before I got the implant. Well, they did a pee test, and of course, it was negative, so they did an ultrasound… The reason I’m confused is that he told me my uterus was very unusually Thick(15cm thick), and that I could possibly be pregnant, but it would very very early, and he wants me to do another blood test. So my question is, has anyone had a usually thick uterus and not be pregnant? If I’m not pregnant, what could it be to make my uterus so thick?


Most of us aren’t doctors.


A thick uterine lining does NOT mean that you are pregnant. It is a GOOD thing if you are trying to GET pregnant, but in and of itself does not mean that you are pregnant.


… Gotta wait n see.

Only time will tell if you’re pregnant or not.

You might have asked your OB/GYN that question when he told you your uterus was thick.


Before I had my hysterectomy a specialist GYN said I had a very thick uterus and that contributed to my pelvic pain.

They did blood test and urine tests on me and surgery on me for months and they were negative and they swore that they didn’t see anything when they did the surgery. I went back again bc I still had no period. I was on birth control and they drew blood Bam it came back positive finally! Just be safe.


No, your uterine lining thickens to get ready for pregnancy… I had a thick lining and wasnt pregnant and had no chance since hubby was away in prison and treatment… but kept bleeding suddenly in huge gushes, like soaked down to my ankles… for a day. (Went to ER everytime, they were dumbfounded…) Then would stop, it was stress. I got a D & C and had my tubes tied (have 4 kids) and the dr said my uterus itself was thin and very weak. Had my first period after that and it was back to the 3 days.


Breast milk dont come in until your almost due​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m not a fan of liars. Next!

I have a deformed uterus. It is wear I have two small ones. Instead of one normal one. both of my live births i tested negative till i was 3 months pregnant. The doctor did ultrasound on me my first son he thought was a cyst on my uterus. Yes i kept that e-xray film. yes they did that also. My second son they thought something was wrong with my thyroid. They gave me a pregnancy test it was negative. so they gave me a nuclear pill so they could do a nuclear scan on my thyroid. I now know i will have a normal period my whole pregnancy. That and i always test negative until I’m 3 months pregnant. So if you are the same i would say to not let your doctor rush to do more testing. Listen to your body i kept telling my doctor i was pregnant each time. Found out my thyroid got bigger after each of my pregnancies is all the nuclear scan revealed. But both i was worried and prayed for each of my babies to be born healthy with out problems from the testings. All women ain’t the same yet doctors treat us all the same. None of my doctors understood or could give me a reason why my body did want it did when I was pregnant.


Holy lord tap dancing jesus. You lied when you could have just said you were having pregnancy symptoms. :woman_facepalming:t2:


It doesnt always mean pregnancy…it can be from irregular cycles and also from not shedding all your lining properly

A thick endometrium can be a possible sign of pregnancy or a sign that your period is almost due.

I’m confused as to why you didnt clarify these questions with doctor at your visit.

If your not having regular periods endometriosis is when the lining builds up but does not shed… No regular period but a thinkening of the uterus is the first sign of this problem. Something to ask your o.b. About


Endometriosis?blood tests detect pregnancy within 8 days of ovulation.rarely show a false negative.

Ultrasound would have shown pregnancy.

Yes, I have a thick uterus I won’t have a period for months and then I will have nonstop bleeding for six months straight unless I take provera.

I have the same problem but didn’t start until a year after I had my tubes tied which was 6 months after I had my third baby

Not necessarily no. Thick uterus lining could be for different reasons both good and bad however if u were told to wait to retests then do so. Breast milk etc doesn’t necessarily mean pregnancy as well. Slight breast milk and tenderness can be associated with period, pcos etc . In the mean time as u are unsure take whatever necessary precautions as u may already be pregnant. I.E. avoid snoking alcohol etc