Is Accepting Lunch Cheating?

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"I live in a small neighborhood of trailers by a graveyard so naturally people are outside alot. This one farm witch comes up on my half-porch and flirts with my man IN FRONT OF ME IN A HALTER TOP FROM THE 90S. I went up to his job site 4 days in a row and watched him. she brought him Dairy Queen every damn day ! My question is Is accepting lunch cheating? Or at least on the way to cheating? I can’t do a battery. Cuz we ain’t under 18 no more. But can I at least throw a butterfinger blizzard at her or something? Specially if she comes up on my half porch?"

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"Lol no it’s still assault and your husband is enabling her he should not be accepting lunch with her or anyting and yes it is on the road to cheating"

"First things first… if he wasnt accepting, she wouldnt keep offering. Shes not the problem"

"accepting food is in no way cheating, however if you have a problem with it tell him"

"Your man is the problem here. If he does not encourage it, she would not pursue it."

"I mean… he’s the one taking the food and not telling her to back off… you might want to start there."

"Do not, i repeat please do not act childish and put your aggression towards her. Address your husband first and foremost."

"How did she know where he working? And she knows what time he takes lunch? You need to have a talk with him not her."

"He is the problem, and you need to grow the heck up."

"He needs to set boundaries. She isnt worth the restraining order or jail time. You need to confront your husband because he’s the real problem here. He’s allowing it"

"He is allowing it to happen I’ll tell him go be with her and stay there"

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