Is anyone a screen free house?

Is anybody here a completely screen free household?Admittedly, I’ve relied on screen time way too much over the years as I’ve parented mainly alone and going to school and working full time. However my 6 year old is struggling badly in school with his attention and having behavioral issues when asked to do anything. After a parent teacher conference today we agreed that removing screens altogether aside from learning at school on the iPad that they do is the best bet since he’s completely unfocused trying to do homework at home, struggling hard to focus at school, etc.I’m really dedicated to making this work but wanted to know how that detox went for you and if you saw a major improvement. He’s already in assisted learning (tutoring) three times a week, I do homework with him daily, and we spend a lot of time together reading. It just isn’t sticking at all so this is the biggest next move we could think of before consulting a pediatrician about possible disorders.


We are. Not that it completely matters but my 8 year old is diagnosed with ASD and we’ve noticed that she will have less tantrums and meltdowns without devices or TV. She hyperfixates on electronics so we’ve cut them all together to help lessen behaviors.

The transition was rough for a couple weeks for everyone involved but once we all got in the groove, it seemed to be the best outcome for our family.