Is anyone else hyper sensitive?

For me, it’s usually loud noises, and sometimes it’s touch. It’s like an over-stimulated feeling that gets my anxiety extremely high. I’ve never heard of being a hypersensitive person before until my therapist told me about it. I’m still learning about it, and I’m not sure how common it is. I know I’m not the only one, but I sure feel like I’m alone with this.


I’ve never been diagnosed but I absolutely can relate.

I’ve never been diagnosed but I don’t like being touched or loud noises either. Never have

Its called SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER. My son and I both have it.

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Loud noises making you jump can be from PTSD. I even yelp sometimes-kind if embarrassing.

I feel like mine intensified after my csection a year ago

Yes! I am the same way…SPD. My 5 yr old has it as well

I have it. More so when my anxiety is high. Loud noises, more than one noise at a time. I get highly anxious and sometimes a bit of rage.

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My son has it it comes part and parcel to anxiety

Its called sensory overload. I get it all the time. Very common for people with anxiety.

It’s horrible! Makes holidays very stressful and not fun with a lot of people and little room.

I have described it as sensory overload.

It’s sensory processing disorder. My son who’s autistic with adhd has SPD and he’s that way with noise.

Me! I like staying in controlled environments.

I can not handle loud noises, or a lot of noise…it gives me an instant headache. I get very anxious and feel like I have no control over my surrounding. I also do not like to be touched a lot. I feel confined when my hubby tries to cuddle me. It’s ok for a few minutes then I can’t anymore.

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I CAN NOT stand loud noises or unnecessary noise :weary:

I do not like loud noises especially loud bass. I went to a show once with loud, high bass music and i started having a panic attack, i needed to distract myself before i lost control… that has never happened before. I only like to be touched by certain people and get very uncomfortable when other people do. And never touch me when i am sleeping.

Some days. Everything gets to me all at once and I feel like I’m going to burst.

This! Yes it’s caused by my anxiety

We call it sensory overload. And I feel you boo!!! My husband can take one look at me and be able to tell, and he’s pretty good about taking over so I can go to a quiet room and breathe till I’m not about to spontaneously combust :upside_down_face:

U could be an empath

You are definitely not alone. Years ago I drove 10 hours to babysit for my sister so she could go to a bbq. She was home within an hour of leaving for the bbq. Major anxiety and sensory

My daughter is like this its also sensory

Mine only developed after my anxiety disorder developed.

I have it, but I call it sensory overload. I don’t have it all the time. I only have it every so often. There are times where I do get it quite a bit though. This happens when my anxiety is at it’s worse and if I feel there’s too much going on all at once and too much noise. When it does happen I get very agitated and need everything to be quiet.

I’ve never been professionally diagnosed but yes, I can’t handle loud noise or lots of people talking at once or what I pretty much just call “chaos” in general.

I like music when I read but when there’s someone talking I flip out, or when I just need to sit in silence just for a moment I mentally close up. Makes it harder to have energy after that.

🙋 I fr have been struggling the past few days.

You are not alone, I have sensory processing disorder and I have the same issues.

I am it’s honestly insane. I break down after a Certain point. :sob: i have yet to talk to my therapist but I will eventually!

Same… I had a anxiety attack from it being too loud at home

You are not the only one. My daughter is hypersensitive also she cries at the drop of s hat. She has been that eay sine she was very young. So just don’t feel like you ate alone.

I’m not prone to anxiety in general, but some sensory stimuli can trigger an anxious response in me. Most of the time it comes from auditory stimuli. If I have to listen to static on the radio for more than 10 seconds, I start sweating, my skin crawls, and I turn into the Hulk (get angry/irritable). It’s usually repetitive sounds that trigger a response like that for me. Or sound coming from too many directions (not necessarily at a high volume). Like if our tv is on and my kids are talking and my husband is watching a video on his phone, my ears can’t handle it. Sometimes it can be touch, but specific types… like getting overheated and like when my husband (very sweetly) rubs my feet or back, but ends up rubbing the same exact spot for too long and it gets overstimulated. :woman_shrugging:

Yes definitely! If I get super stressed or anxious I am the same way!

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Absolutely! When I have been “peopling” to much, I am extra sensitive and my tank empties so much faster which makes me even more sensitive, especially if more than one thing is going on at a time. When I get home from school sometimes I need to lay down in a dark room (we have room darkening shades) with a weighted blanket for about a half hour and I feel so much better.

I think I have the same issue, I don’t care much to be touched because it irritates me.

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My 3 yr old is and so is my cousins 9 year old. Both started at about 14 months old.

I’m sure your not learn as much as you can

Lindsie Stevenson Griffin me, with those big trucks!!! :joy:

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:frowning: When I’m having an anxiety spike I get hypersensitive to sounds and touch too. I usually have to ask my son to keep to himself (and keep it down) for a little bit while I go lay down and “re-calibrate.” Otherwise I can get snappy, and I don’t like to throw my stress around onto others. It doesn’t usually take too long for me to shake it off, but I NEED at least a few minutes without stimuli.


For me it’s touch. I hate casual touches. A hug from my kid is fine but for the most part, don’t f***ing touch me. Makes my skin crawl.

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omg never realized it til now. My family just calls me weird cuz I cant be touched and I’m deadly afraid of fire trucks but it makes sense now. My son is the same way but we knew about his sensitive ears, poor kids stays with his “ear muffs” on

I didn’t even realise this was a thing, I can’t stand people touching me unless I know its coming like asking for a hug, if someone just touches me I’m like ahhh get off me :rofl::see_no_evil: and some loud noises I can’t stand get me so angry :roll_eyes::rofl:

I’m not a touchy feely person…I don’t like to be touched most of the time. Some of my kids are touch sensitive too and some have sound issues. It’s ok. The best thing to do is try to keep your home a safe place. Make sure everyone you live with knows what bothers you and hopefully they will respect that…teach them to respect that. Home should be your safe zone.

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Um… Isn’t this just sensory processing disorder? My whole family is like this to some extent, minus my autistic son, who would love to rub sand ALL over his body, which literally makes me cringe.

I have fibromyalgia,and when someone pokes my arms, shoulders, my back, it hurts. It’s just a simple polite poke but hurts so bad. Occasionally showers hurt. :pensive:

My son is 10 and hates loud noises he runs when we turn on the vacuum he has never really developed a tolerance to the sound i guess but he’s never been diagnosed with any sensory issues

Yes. I have sensory issues.

For me it’s loud noises as well.

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Ugh yes I have that, it’s very annoying to have :joy:

I get that a lot. To many sounds or touches or too much going on like tv and husband talking and kid yelling I get way over stimulated and it sends me into panic attacks. I have to ask my fiance to turn things down or off sometimes for a bit while I fix myself lol. It’s hard. Just learn your triggers and how to manage then it’ll get easier

oh god people like you make me cringe. just take all those boozy drugs they give and go be a zombie in bed. “hyper sensitive” …gtfoh…does he recommend you going to safe places too?