Is apple cider vinegar safe while breastfeeding?

Hello! I was wondering if any mamas drank apple cider vinegar while breastfeeding? Wondering if it affects taste or the baby? Thanks in advance!!

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It needs to be pasteurized to be consumed while BF.

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Is anyone taking it to lose weight? If so, how long till you saw results? I’ve read about it but I personally don’t know anyone taking apple cider vinegar.

Lived off of it while pregnant (Had HG and ridiculous heartburn) still uses it after. Dr. Said it was perfectly fine

As far as I read it is. I have been taking Apple Cider Gummies and everything is fine. Obviously it is about moderation as with everything else.

as long as its pasteurized it should be fine to drink just make sure to stay hydrated as well

It can cause u to slow your production Make sure u eat plenty of oatmeal to counter act if it does happen and it can change the taste of your milk

Please please please check out Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding