Is back pain normal after giving birth?

Anyone else hurt bad in their back 2-3 days after child birth?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is back pain normal after giving birth?

Did you have an epidural?

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I get back pain after i had a spinal and that was over 2 years ago.

Very normal. My first 2 epidurals didnt mess with my back terribly i did have pain though for years even after. My 3rd i just had in sept. I had such a bad placed epidural that it completely screwed my back up. I was supposed to do physical therapy. And never was able to.

Ask the doctor not FB…

Epidural can do it. But pushing can also cause your back to be out of place, also things going back to normal. Talk to your doctor, chiropractic may help.

I always go get chiropractic care, massage, Accupuncture while pregnant and post. Simply bring pregnant can mess up ur back, ribs, hips. PT can help too.

My back still hurts and my son is almost 8 months.

It’s normal but you can always go to the doctor to see

It can be, see your doctor to make sure that it isn’t anything serious, childbirth is hard business!!

My back hurts all the time.

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