Is bleeding normal during early pregnancy?

Help!!! Sorry but tmi
So im 4 or 5wks pregnant, i think :disappointed_relieved::persevere:. I had been wipping pinkish on and off for a couple of days. Doctor checked the hcg and the went down. Since i have been wipping pinkish and hcg went down and since its to early he cant see baby on ultrasound, he said i more then likely lost my baby :cry::cry::sob::sob:. After that i started wiping, just wipping light blood, i dont even get a pad dirty or anything. Its been 2 days like this. No pain no nothing and my mom keeps giving me hope. Since im not " bleeding " or pain or nothing there is no way i lost my baby. I know she is just trying to help but its really stressing me out and pissing me off. She keeps calling ppl and doctors from Mexico and they all say the same thing. To try this to try this other thing. I have a follow up appt with my doctor in 1 wk, to confirm or i dont know for what. I guess my question is, can i still be pregnant?? Is there hope since im not really cramping or heavy bleeding.
Help im jsut lost here with my mom also


If the levels are going done it’s more likely that you lost the baby.


Maybe ask for progesterone pills?

So sorry you are going through this, but if your hcg levels are going down it is very likely that your baby has passed. I have lost 7 myself :confused: hugs


I had this when I was pregnant with my son and he did end up holding on for dear life and now he’s 6, the doctors even had the miscarriage convo with me. Hopefully you have a clinger like mine :slightly_smiling_face:


i was 5 weeks pregnant when the same thing started happening. my counts kept decreasing and an ultrasound showed that the sac was empty. i didn’t bleed until 2 weeks later when my body naturally miscarried.

If you’re baby was growing, then you’re hcg would be steadily rising. It could have been a chemical pregnancy but I would think you’re doctor is correct. If your hcg has dropped, you are likely not going to continue being pregnant. I’m sorry for your loss. I have lost a pregnancy and a child. Lean on those around you and I’m so sorry you have to deal with this.


Agreed ^^
However for your own mental health stay positive. You are an amazing and beautiful human and life is full of challenges.
Talk to your mom. Tell her this is hard for you and to please stop the things that are hard for you. Be open and know you are loved and need to express your wants and needs and they should be adhered by. You are in charge of the energy around you. And best case if you are still pregnant (I spotted and delivered early two amazing kids) the stress of multiple calls questions and inquiries is too much and you don’t have to have it. Talk to your mom she loves you. Even if she has to ask and question it doesn’t have to be shared. :purple_heart::purple_heart:

My first miscarriage at 6 weeks had some pink spotting and then I went to the bathroom and saw this sac type thing come out of me. Went to doctors, they saw my levels drop and gave me medications. It hurts, but it happens to some of us women.

4 to 5 weeks is not far enough to see baby on an ultrasound. Have them check your HCG levels in a week. If it’s still going down, then yes you most likely lost the baby. HCG levels are not always 100% accurate so I would just get double checked again. Pink discharge is common in the beginning of pregnancy. Bright red is usually a miscarriage.


If your levels are going down, It’s most likely a loss. I have had 2 myself. Sorry for your loss.

1 in 4… You are not alone. Prayers momma

You are way too early to have any of these signs confirm anything either way. Nothing is reliable enough yet. Sorry but you have to just wait and see (just went thru this. Mine was a miscarriage but that’s not the case w everyone)

:disappointed: I have no advice but I hope he tells you good news in a week!

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I was told I would never have kids. I got pregnant and at 7 weeks I was bleeding and HCG levels went down. They told me to prepare for a miscarriage. My son is 9 months old. :slight_smile: Prayers for you.


That’s how my miscarriage started I’m sorry momma

praying for a miracle in Jesus mighty name whatever the circumstances is may he reveal himself to you and just know your child is a blessing and God has everthing in his hands .its ok to feel .No one has the exact answers. only Christ Alone just breath your not alone :pray::raised_hands::two_hearts: your mom i am sure is only trying to help.shes just as scared as you are .

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With my youngest we couldn’t see him on ultrasound for a good little bit. Hope this is the case for yoyy

I bled when i was pregnant the first time. I was only 5 or 6 weeks. I bled too, wasnt just spotting. They did an internal ultrasound and saw the baby. Had to come back a week or so later and get levels checked again and he was fine. Lab test can be off sometimes so just wait it out and try not to panic. Prayers honey

At that stage monitoring your hcg levels would really be the only way to tell if you’re pregnant or not. I would just wait and have them check at your appt!

I’m sorry to hear this but keep strong and have faith is all I can advice to you!

If your lvls are lowering then you need to brace for the worst. My first pregnancy was ectopic almost lost my life along with it… but what I do remember is one doc taking lvls and telling me that when I get home (was out of state when I noticed something wrong) to go to my doc n if he takes my lvls n it’s lower then the one out if state doc gave me then I’m losing baby… turned I lost the baby one hospital said spontaneous miscarriage but when I went in two weeks layers lots of pain felt like burning inside n I was tired so tired I didn’t care if I woke up, turns out baby was stuck in tube, in pieces, tube already ruptured n bacteria was poisoning my cervix… I was dying hence the not wanting to wake up… ultrasound showed everything! I was rushed back they took my tube and baby… 7 fucking years of depression and sadness… 7 years to the day of the surgery and I gave birth to my rainbow baby 5 weeks early. Born on the day Her sibling was removed from me. She’s 8months now I F’ing LOVE HER!!!

I’m sry you are going thru this but let me tell you it can go either way I had this happen twice to me an I have 1 kid here an one miscarriage only thing that I miscarried at 4 months just pray an stay positive dont let ur mom get to you I have a mom just like that stat away from her till they check ur levels again

Praying for you!! You are strong. I believe everything happens for a reason. There is always hope!!:heartpulse:

I did this with all for of my kids through the whole pregnancy off and on

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Implantation bleeding? Or not as far along as you think you are


I bled with my first, like heavy bleeding at 8-9 weeks. Then again at 15 weeks. She was completely fine. I also found out then that I’m RH- and had to have the rhogam shot. Maybe check with your doctor to find out if you are RH-?


You could be having a UTI don’t stress out

It may just be implantation bleeding.

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Could be implantation. I had very light spotting with my second early on. Freaked myself out. He’s now 8 months old. Dont give up hope just yet. :pray:

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It happens as long as it not heavy stay positive

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I’m so sorry honey. Trust and believe that the good lord above will bless you with a child. I’ve miscarried before but it was because of a boyfriend who beat the shit out of me and drug me down the hall by my hair only once. That did it. :’(

No advice but I’m praying for you!

Most likely it is just implantation bleeding since there is no strong pain associated to it. Doctors dont always know what is going on. Try to limit your stress level and relax until you can get it confirmed 100%. If it were me I would still believe that I was pregnant until the doctors were completely sure that I am not. This could also be your body starting a miscarriage as well. The best thing for you to do is relax and wait. Let your mom know she is stressing you out and you would like it if she wouldnt mention it since you arent quite sure what is happening

If you levels are dropping I am so sorry then you are losing baby, rest up drink plenty sleep plenty more talk about it !!!

Trust and believe in God he is the one in control not drs.

I had 4 miscarriages trust me its painfull

That’s what I did40 plus years ago but i bleed and hurt had to lay in bed on snd on but i would not give up trust and believe in God as i did but cjrck you temp everyday if you get one be safe

Ive miscarried 6 times so speaking from ecperience. How many times have they checked the hgc levels and how far down? If they are dropping then you lost the baby and they are nothing you can do. It can take upwards to 3 weeks to start cramping and fully miscarry. Then sometimes you still need pills to make your uterus empty.

This happened with my son… my levels went down first… but then they shot back up. I had bleeding throughout my entire pregnancy and was taken out of work when I was only 5 months along. There is always hope. Hold onto that hope, but also emotionally prepare yourself for a different outcome.

With my last baby I started lightly spotting around 5-6 weeks. I feared the worst and told my doctor. They did a scan, and could barely see that I had a low lying sac which, for me, meant a possible future low lying placenta. I had my levels checked, they came back good and I was put on pelvic rest until my next scan at 13 weeks when they confirmed everything was good to go.

Until it’s positively confirmed that you are having a miscarriage just try to stay as calm as possible. No heavy lifting at all and nothing that engages your pelvis too much …so no sex. Good luck to you!

The bleeding could just be implantation…but if your levels continue to drop that’s usually a sign of miscarriage. :frowning:

Don’t stress, I had the ( very very lite blood) that looked pinkish when I wiped, kinda like a period lasted 4-5 days, That’s how I found out I was pregnant 5-6 weeks Miscarriage are pretty painful, So if your not in pain & cramping really bad please don’t stress yourself out. Still very earlier…
Lots of prayers

I’m not a doctor but by now they should be able to find a heart beat I’ve had two misscarriges so I know one at 10 weeks the other at 12 weeks no heartbeat it was devastating after my second DNC they told me I would be wide open to get pregnant but to let my body heal I didn’t listen and got pregnant instantly her name is Tara then I had Ryan and my last tressa at 42yrs old doctor’s r practictoners not god I wish u well and make sure u ask for that heartbeat good luck and God bless

I had light bleeding for the first 3 to 4 months of my pregnancy

My last miscarraige I had no cramping at all, just really light spotting. I was 8 weeks pregnant when I started spotting, went to the hospital and was told everything was ok, a week later I go to my regular drs appointment and was told i lost the baby. Never had any heavy bleeding just spotted for another week and then nothing. Not all miscarraiges are the same. That being said I’m now 25 weeks pregnant with twins and I spotted on and off my entire first trimester, was so sure I was miscarrying again every time, my boys are healthy and doing good in there. Just wait until your next appointment, try to relax, and tell your mom to just back off a little.

Implementation bleeding is more of a brownish color, like the end of a period. If you only see it when you wipe and it doesn’t even get on the pad, my advice is rest, sray as stress free as possible absolutely no SEX or heavy lifting try not to put any kind of pressure on your pelvic area. I would also stop wiping unnecessarily only after you use the bathroom, tge less irritation the better. Good luck momma, praying for you. If you haven’t had any bright red heavy bleeding you are still pregnant.

Every woman’s body is different just take it easy, don’t stress yourself out, and pray :green_heart:

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It can really be going either way at this point so, most importantly… STOP STRESSING YOURSELF LIKE YOU ARE! If you are still pregnant it is not good for the baby, at all, and if you stress too much that can MAKE you lose a baby. Right now there’s absolutely nothing you can do 1 way or the other honestly. So just try to rage it as easy as possible until your follow up appt.

If your 5 weeks they should be able to see a baby.
But I would ask them to check your Hcg levels every 48 hours to see if they go back up.
IV had a couple miscarriages and this is how mine was but my levels continuously dropped. Keep your head up.
But yourself on bed rest until you for sure know

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They should be able to see a heartbeat at this point. Are you Rh negative by any chance? This happened with me at 4-5 weeks with my son and it turned out it was because of my blood type. The gave me a Rhogam shot and checked my levels 48 hours apart. If in doubt and to ease your mind, you can go to any ER and they will check you out. Blood tests, exam, and a pelvic ultrasound. My son is now 5. Prayers, hugs, and positive thoughts mama!:hugs:

The spotting/discolored discharge is not unusual, Dr will not even see a heartbeat until 6-8wks. Take care of yourself and rest when possible.

I went to the hospital at 6 weeks pregnant due to tummy pain and they found a heartbeat and said everything was fine, I started wiping and getting pink too no more pain at all not even cramping then went to my OB at 8 weeks and there was no heartbeat the bleeding started getting a little heavier each day and I ended up passing the fetus 4 days later. I hope this is not what you are going through but it is possible to miscarry with no pain and no heavy bleeding in the beginning

If your hcg levels are dropping I am going to say that you lost the baby. My understanding is that those levels don’t go down. I suppose anything is possible, but if you lost it I am sorry :heart:

My pregnancy didn’t show up on a home test until 4.5 months with my first.
Don’t stress, also at that far along you won’t see anything on the ultrasound it’s too little.
Also implantation bleeding is normal and it can be light spotting or as heavy as a period, it’s the embryo sticking to your uterus

There is a test they can do to figure out if u are prego. I had a similar thing. I was sure i was pregnant but there was no baby on the ultra sound. So my doc took my blood and ordered a test and confirmed for me

I know it’s hard to not think about it, but try. Worrying will only do you both harm. At this stage your doctor should be doing vaginal ultrasound in order to see your pregnancy sac clearly. With this type of ultrasound, a heartbeat can generally be heard around six weeks. Good luck and no stress!

It’s too early to know for sure. Please wait and have faith. Prayers for you and your little one. Don’t let them talk you into the miscarriage meds if YOU are not absolutely sure. Doctors can be wrong!!!