Is breast pain normal in early pregnancy?

I’m currently in my first trimester. 6.5 weeks. Baby #2. My boobs hurt so bad. They hurt with baby #1. But this feels like when my milk came in and o had a clogged duct and forgot to pump. Extremely painful. Has anyone had pain THIS bad? I mean throbbing, can’t touch, making me nauseas it’s so bad. Also has anyone had milk come in during pregnancy before their baby was born?


I was producing small amounts of breastmilk through my whole pregnancy. It’s actually what caused me to buy a test, both times, with my 3rd and 4th babies. I’m sorry about your pain, I had that off and on too. Try a heat pack for 15 minutes, and then a light massage directly after. It helped for me.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is breast pain normal in early pregnancy?

Yes im currently almost 20 weeks and this time my breast have been the most painful ever!! Ive already been lactating and my nipples stay hard and burn!

That how I knew I was pregnant!


Yes its normal :woman_facepalming: dumb question


If it’s that bad. Please call your Dr. God bless.

Yes. I would hand express a tiny bit to relieve the pain.

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Hand express in shower with hot water running…. Then pump as soon as you get out. Massage massage massage! And take sunflower lethicin! You don’t want it to turn into mastitis.

5th baby and yes, they’ve never been so sensitive until this time around, especially in the 1-2 trimester. It hasn’t been bad in my 3rd trimester though.

Sure is. My twin pregnancy was the worst I remember at 6 weeks I couldn’t even lay on my side they hurt so much

Yes. My last pregnancy my boobs were absolutely on fire and so sensitive. It’s one of the clues I had to find out I was pregnant. I couldn’t even wear a bra because the pressure hurt

That sounds like mastitis go to your dr

First symptom…second…I could fall asleep in the middle of a convo…lol.


Yes. Both pg they hurt(18 yrs ago). Iud makes them hurt now. I have 5 drs and none of them are/were worried about this but i would check with your dr too.

I’d still ask your doctor. Are you fevering or a anything? Get checked out. Better to be safe than sorry.

Call your dr and get a mammogram if it is that painful!

Try your best to massage especially in the shower.

I would go to your OB. The symptoms you just explained I had twice. The first time I did not run a fever, the second time I did run a fever. It was mastitis.

with my first one, I had no problems, with my second one, I knew I was pregnant when those suckers hurt so bad, They were big, full & hurt to even take my bra off, I had to lay down to remove it, It got to the point I just wore one all the time, And no, I had no milk come in at all when I was pregnant, Yes on day 3 after having him (back then I thought they gave me the shot to dry my milk up, like they did with my first one, But they didn’t, nor did they tell me to except it to come in by day 3-5) I had enough milk to feed everyone in the nursery,) In a few days they dried up, But will say once I delivered, the pain was better, And even better when they dried up completely. As for pumping now or hand expressing them now , will only make more, So let it be

My very first pregnancy symptom was severe breast tenderness. I couldn’t even take off my bra to shower. I hadn’t even gotten a positive test yet. It lasted the entire first trimester.

Mine felt like that with every pregnancy

With my second pregnancy it hurt to just sit down and not do anything at all. It was super painful. My 3rd pregnancy they hurt for the first few weeks but wasn’t nearly as bad as the second.

I’d ask dr. Mine was rough but not like that

Yes. That’s usually the first symptom of pregnancy…… was with all of mine anyway

I never had morning sickness. My breasts being painful was always my first sign I was pregnant

Mine hurt like that with both my pregnancy and now this one. They normally hurt me my whole pregnancy. Im 9 weeks tomorrow.

My breast were more tender with my second pregnancy but nothing like your describing. I had serious morning sickness tho.

Just about to enter 2nd trimester and my boobs were first sign that I was pregnant!! They were SOOOO tender and sore before I even found out I was pregnant. Lasted up until about a week ago.

That’s how I knew I was pregnant at 3 weeks. Mine hurt so bad it would bring tears to my eyes when husband would hug me. It hurt to even wear clothes.

Yes very normal. Do you have any red hot to the touch areas or are they just sore?