Is brown discharge normal in early pregnacy?

Hey ladies! I posted the other day about being being pregnant with my third baby and having concerns about a third c-section. Thank you for all your positive words! I got hubby on the same page and we decided to wait to announce for now. Anyways, today when I got up I went pee and noticed a little bit of brown vaginal discharge. I’ve had it all day today but no cramping and only when I wipe. I called an OB and tried to be seen but they can’t get me in till the 25th! I told them my due date and they said they think I’m about 6 weeks and 2 days along. So I’m assuming it must be old blood but I’m kinda freaking out! Have any other mama’s had this and everything turned out okay?


Brown discharge is old blood and not concerning. It’s when its bright red that I would worry. It may also be from implantation. Don’t worry. :blush: congratulations


implantation bleeding im sure

If it’s brown, it’s old blood. :slight_smile:

I had this with my ectopic pregnancy. If you start having pain on one side go to the ER immediately.

That’s exactly what it is and it completely normal some women have their menstrual cycle while pregnant my did for the 1st trimester, bright red blood and a lot of it (as if been severely injured) go to the emergency room :kiss: good luck

Had this at beginning of my second pregnancy hes 15 months old today n everything went fine during pregnancy. Just ask ur doctor see what they say

Brown is normal. I had it as well

It’s probably implantation bleeding if it’s brown❤

Yea. Everything was fine.

Brown is old.
Red is bad
No cramping or pains no worries.
If gets worse red blood or pain comes go to er