Is brown discharge normal?

Hi moms,
I was wondering if any one has had brown discharge, I’ve been up and down lately, with little bit of depression and anxiety and I have been on a weeks pill of them, I also been taking 4 types of different pain killers for a very bad tooth ache I got 1) nourfin 2)paradol (3) pain killers now it did go away, I did take them all in the space of the night and felt better in the morning, with the depression tablets only for 5 days, and nothing since.
I’m also not over dosing myself just proberly doing it the wrong way, -

anyway I had my period 2 weeks ago mu periods have been up and down with dates ect too. My grandmother has just died and I’ve been stressed out with collage and other personal issues
This discharge has been going on now for 2 days, light brown - no pain, ect, my partner is very good to me but we haven’t done the deed in a while, has anyone experienced this please, and also could I get pregnant on the brown discharge?

Curiosity kills the cat


Brown discharge just means old blood, probably left over from your period would be my guess

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You can get pregnant any time and you probably need to go to the Dr

Any type of medication can cause a yeast infection or discharge of some sort. You should probably go to the doctor and be check just to make sure it isn’t a bad infection