Is c section safer for baby?

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So it’s my first pregnancy and it’s been rough since the beginning with having to rush to hospital thrice coz I was bleeding to getting a shirodkar stitch/ cerclage, then the aches and pains along the way aswell. Basically my doc asked if I wanted a vaginal birth or c section and I chose the c section, I’m feeling really selfish and bad… But I’m so tired and so is my body, yet I’m still unsure if I made the right decision. Is c section safer for baby,?


Its not good bad. Its whatever you feel you need. I had to have a csection and personally id rather have had natural birth bc of recovery time.


I️ would try for a vaginal before just going for a csection unless there is a medical reason for NEEDING one. Csection recovery is way tougher than vaginal is.


I’ve had 3 csections. #1 was rough all around but I recovered from #2 and #3 in a matter of a week basically. However. I would still try for vaginal first because one csection means most likely all babies after will be a csection. Not always of course but it’s a possibility.

Most doctors won’t do a csection unless medically necessary

C- section takes longer to heal, you’re in the hospital an extra day and have to have stitches and literally be cut wide open. Go for vaginal, I did with both of mine and was feeling normal after a week!


I don’t know why you feel bad. They gave you an option. I would go with a c-section too if I were you. I gave birth vaginally with my first and he did so much damage it took months to heal.

I had 2 vaginal birth n 1 emergency c section. I would NOT choose c section. That shit is so painful. I was up and walking within 10 mins after a vaginal one n 2 months by myself with c section

Their is no right or wrong answer to having a c section. If your body is already exhausted now after going thru a rough pregnancy I’d say you’ve made the right decision as during a natural birth labour if your to tired it could result in an emergency c section… in my personal opinion their isn’t a right or wrong answer you gotta do what feels right for you and your baby will be fine natural birth or c section. Don’t second guess yourself it’s just nerves and you and your baby will be fine :two_hearts:


Love… you’re going to get way to many different answers here. A C-section doesn’t make you any less of a mother nor is it less detrimental. Do what is best for the safety of you and your baby. If you have another pregnancy, VBACs are becoming more normal.


Actually vaginal births are better if you are able. Recovery is much easier from a vaginal birth.

C Section may be safer considering a cerclage is in place. I have had one of those and delivered vaginal and I still feel the pain 12 years later from the cerclage.

I had a section. From what my friends have told me it’s easier depending how much you tear. I didn’t find it hard at all after mine. But I was in the hospital for a week after mine cause my little guy was in the NICU

U have to do what u feel is right/needed. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks besides ur medical provider maybe

I had a csection bc I had to. I’ve had so many complications from it. wish I could’ve gone natural. I kno I’m probably a rare case but I had 8 follow up surgeries bc of csection and hernias from csection.

Both choices have pros and cons. You are still birthing a baby and shouldnt feel guilty. I heard that C-Sections are a way longer healing process.
Good luck.

I had an emergency c section with my first and I requested one with this one. It is 100% up to you. Dont risk it if you dont feel safe. Follow your feelings.


Nope, you’re not selfish!!! My first birth was vaginal. My second birth was a planned C-section. If I was offered the chance for a C-section again, I would accept it without any hesitation whatsoever. No matter how you give birth, there’s risk and recovery time involved in some shape or form. I found the C-section absolutely fab in comparison to the natural birth. Natural was horrific. I said I’d never go through that again. So I didn’t. I’d accept it so you’re booked in and you can then think and change your mind if you want to try naturally. Good luck :+1:

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I had chosen to have a c section after being a week late and zero dialation amd even tried to get the ball rolling with a balloon folley induction before being induced. As being induced ? I only dilated to a 2 within 24 hours
It was the right choice baby is healthy and well but had a cord issue and here it was around his neck
He was fine and unharmed .yes it’s scary but u feel no pain during procedure and its quick
Afterwards however is rough you will bleed and be very sore for 5 to 6 weeks. But either way only you can make that decision for what’s best for u and baby and dont feel guilty about it .

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And yes … I will have to have c section if I ever chose to have another child. Maybe its different for some women I’m only spending for myself here and what my doctor has said and advised

I had a vagial birth with my daugther and a c section with my son. The c section in my mine was a horrible but later i was thankful that he was out and healthy. He had fill around and i had try to have but dr said cuz of him filliping it would be better for us.they could had try other ways so do whats best 4 u andbaby

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Birth by cesarean is still birth, but it’s also a major surgery. You certainly can do what you feel is best for you and your baby, but was there a medical reason your doctor gave that as an option without suggesting you try for a vaginal birth first?

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My first child was delivered vaginally and should have been an emergency c-section, I pushed for an hour and a half, he got stuck at the shoulders, had the turtle effect, umbilical cord wrapped loosely around his neck, used kiwi vacuum, when he was finally out he was blue/blackish color. Pitocin was started at 6 in the morning and he wasn’t delivered until 8:37 at night. #2 and #3 were delivered via c-section after I told each doctor the story with #1’s delivery. I was in and out of the o.r. in an hour with a csection. You will probably after deliver all children via csection rather than having a vbac.

I did both. My first was all natural and my second was a scheduled csection. They each have ups and downs. I liked that I healed almost instantly after the natural birth but my csection I only stayed 2 days and by a week later was back to normal minus lifting things. I don’t think its selfish at all. If it’s what you want I say go for it!

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Either way you don’t win a trophy :trophy: so do you mama. Don’t let people shame you into thinking you made the wrong choice.


As long as your doctor gave you the choice you and your baby should be safe. You need to be able to be as comfortable as possible when you go into labor. Do what makes you comfortable.

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I had an emergency csection. You should do whatever you feel is best. Just know that a csection is major surgery and the recovery is a long and slow process.

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It’s not about being selfish it’s about what’s safe for you & the baby.

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I refused a c section . I had placenta previa and he was breeched . I would not will not ever have a c section . Plan was to turn him if he didn’t turn around and placenta didn’t move then I would be forced to . He is 11 now healthy and happy born natural . I will never have a c section unless I’m forced to . My pregnancy had everything wrong . Bleed for 20 weeks, gestational diabetes, to much fluid in the sac, breech, pre term labor . I would NOT get one unless :100: had to .!!!


I would not feel selfish or bad at all. I have had 4 vaginal births, but also did not have many issues during pregnancy. I have heard the recovery from csections are rough. Usually, drs don’t just go csections when not medically necessary or if women have had previous csections. So if there was a choice given, the dr must feel like there is good reason. You are absolutely not at all less of a mother which way you deliver a baby, whether you have epidural or not, or whether you breastfeed vs. bottlefeed.

Ive had vag and c section

My first child was vag

Either way you’re being your baby into this world. You’re not being selfish, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a csection dont let anyone else tell you different. I think Your recovery will be different and maybe a bit difficult. I’ve never had one ( never opposed to having one) but that’s what I’ve heard its.

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You are making a wise choice it sounds like. I had 2 c-sections. One emergency and one planned. Mo complications. You aren’t being selfish you are being smart.

Dude c section is so easy healing wise. Was for me anyways. I had hardly any downtime. Walking the next day no problem. My PP bleeding ended quickly too.

I had all three of my kid naturally occurring birth , no drugs , first one was bad on baby because he was in the birth canal to long and he was real sick for two weeks and has Heath problems, should have been C-section , but doctors never suggested it, other two were natural birth , second one she had the cord around her neck three time and almost died , Doctor never said C-section that time either, last one was born fast with no problems, so sometimes you never know what will happen.

You could always try that way you wont feel so bad about not trying.

I’m about ready to tell my ob I want a c section due to complications I don’t feel it’s selfish I just want a healthy baby that is safe when they arrive and I’m sure that why your choseing to do so

My csection was so easy to heal from I stayed on top of medicine after and did everything they told me. I was up walking that night and got up every hour once my catheter was removed. Be gentle with yourself and let other people take care of you while you heal and take care of your baby. After a difficult pregnancy you will need the rest too

If you were given the option it’s up to you. The recovery for a csection is longer but if you have had complications already you may be better off with a scheduled csection then trying vback and having to have an emergency csection potentially.

Idk for sure, I gave birth to my 2 boys Vaginal, without Pain relief either.
I would only agree to c-section if it was an emergency.:x::x::x:

Don’t feel bad!!! I tried to have my son vaginally and I ended up having to have a c section anyway. I pushed and I pushed and he just didn’t want to come out. Do what you feel is best. Literally all that matters is that you and your baby are safe and healthy. Doesn’t matter of it’s vaginal, c section, no meds,meds we each have to make the best decisions for ourselves in our unique situations. Since I fully dialated and labored the first time I could try to give birth vaginally this go round ( I’m 17 weeks) but I’m choosing a c section because I want them to tie my tubes while they are in there and I don’t feel bad about it one bit! It’s what I feel is best! I got an epidural the first time too and it was fantastic! Just do what you feel is best. C sections are scary, and recovery varies for everyone. For me it honestly wasn’t that bad for others tho it can be pretty rough just depends on how your body reacts and heals. Talk to your doctor, do your research and weigh your options.

I had all the things go wrong during my 2nd pregnancy that you are having…was in hospital 10 times for bleeding and the stitch and had no choice but to gave c section . It does take longer to heal but a safe delivery was all i cared about. If your feeling run down already its probably the best way to go…good luck

No its not safer for either of you and healing from one while taking care of a newborn is hell.

I would do vaginally c section are horrible. First one was emergency. Nearly killed me and second wad planned but still hurt like a bitch. Its hard to take care of your little ones after to Deffinatly without a support system

You made the right decision sweetheart .

Don’t feel selfish, you are still bringing your sweet baby into this world. And I had a emergency c section with my daughter and recovery was not as bad as I thought. I was up walking next day. Only thing was my pp bleeding did not start for about a week later, and I had to be careful on how I washed around the incisions .

I have had 2 c sections and 1 natural. And whatever way is best for you and baby is your choice. I had a c with my first due to some issues in pregnancy and it was the safest option. Dont feel selfish hun. Birth is birth. A csection and vaginal birth are two different ball games. Anyone who tells you a c section is the “easy way out” is a liar. They are both difficult and both totally worth it. Your recovery time will be a little longer with a c section. My 1st c was an emergency c… and my 2nd was a planned and the planned c section was a better experience emotionally for me. I knew baby was safe and I was safe and I could talk and plan my c in advance with my doctor and I felt prepared. It was good for both baby and I. Its not how you bring baby into this world that matters… trust me you’ll forget most everything about it but seeing babys face for the first time. And their life after is what matters. I had a choice with my first and chose vaginal…and ended up having a c section. And it was pretty stressful for me. Your safety and health and that of baby is what matters. I also liked with my second c that I knew babys birthday and round about time of birth in advance I could emotionally prepare for delivery and I could prepare at home for delivery.

Had an emergency C cause my daughter wanted to come out feet first.
Recovery sucked. Single mom, no help, and had to switch to formula due to my daughter not latching.
I, however, only took the pain meds they gave me once or twice during the first 8 weeks. I have a high pain tolerence and I felt the pills were unnecessary. That being said, every 2 hours or so when I would have to roll out of bed and make the baby a bottle sucked, and hurt.
Take your meds, but don’t over do it while on them. You’re body is still going to be recovering from major surgery

C section is SURGERY a not just birth. Baby has a chance of wetter lungs, longer transition to extra uterine life.