Is clear discharge normal in early pregnancy?

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:exclamation::exclamation:TMI Warning :exclamation::exclamation:

I am 6 weeks postpartum today and have been having clear jelly like discharge with a tint of blood, almost as if my period is coming? Today woke up with horrible lower back pain. Is it possible to get cramps in the back as well? It’s been awhile so I’m kind of lost lol yes i am aware no one here is a doctor just looking for other suggestions or anyone else with similar situations. Thank you :heart:

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Oh this is so normal


6 weeks postpartum. She already had the baby yall.


Yes cramps in the back are normal. I have those since I had my son 4 years ago and had a tubal. Tmi but the thick fluid and light blood means my period was coming. But that was only for a few periods after I had my son. Check with your nurse line and ask to be sure tho. Everyone is different.

It’s probably lochia. This is normal.

I have cramps in my back and in my thighs as well. So it normal for me but you could always call and ask a nurse at your doctors office… Aren’t you due for your 6 week check-up at your doctor?

Are you breastfeeding? Your uterus will contract like you’re in labor and squeeze all that good stuff out lol it’s fun


I had so much random discharge after i ga e birth to both of my kids. Always really thick and like… slimy? I guess it’s normal because i asked a doc and they said it was fine as long as it didnt have a fishy smell

Normal. I had same experience

This happened to a young lady I’m friends with. She still had part of her placenta that hadn’t passed. So many go and get checked out just in case.

I’m pretty sure it’s just your uterus going back to normal that’s what my doctor said but if it persist I would go get checked out it never hurts to be one hundred percent sure it’s nothing else

Normal you still have mini contractions after having baby it’s your utures shrinking back and the discharge is normal iv had 4 it sucks and congrats on the little baby

You could have a possible infection. I would see a doctor, rule it out. Especially because of the lower back pain and the abnormal discharge.

I’ve had placenta stuck in me before and the doctor has been able to pull it out, in office