Is costco worth it?

Is having a costco membership worth it? is it anything like sams club? i just moved to an area with no sams club and am heartbrokennnn


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is costco worth it?

I love Costco. Definitely worth it.

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I love Costco! I find it to have a lot of allergy friendly foods.

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I like Costco better . But you can always stroll in and check it out before buying a membership

Definitely worth it! We have the executive membership and get 2% back on ours purchases. Love so many of their products.

I like Costco more than Sams!! Do it!

I love Costco. And it saves me so much now that my kids are growing like weeds. And you can’t beat the return policy! I went to the membership desk to try find the purchase date of a mattress that had broken (honestly I had a toddler and had it for 3 years!) And the manager just insisted I return and pick up a new one! I told him my kid was jumping on it and he didn’t care, said to bring it back. So we did and got a brand new one!

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I prefer Costco to Sam’s. I had both memberships at the same time and went to Costco way more than Sam’s.

Costco is top tier :ok_hand:

No i dont think so, $60 to even shop there is a bit rude really but thought id give it a try there was some good deals but over all i dont think its worth it. Can get good deals by looking wats on special at other stores and online.

I actually prefer sams club. It all depends on what you use. We are not an organic family and I love tide, downy and bounce. Dawn is my dish soap. I couldn’t find any of these at Costco.

costco is the white neighborhood sams is the ghetto neighborhood lol to put it lightly😂 costco is sooo much better

Better everything Costco. But still not top of the line.

Meh. I’ve had a membership to Costco twice now and maybe go once a year. I don’t like it.

I have both. When I’m back home (VA) Costco is worth it but when I’m not visiting and at my actual home (OK) sam’s is better. I keep both because sometimes you can get better deals at Costco than Sam’s. Obviously one carries certain items verses the other.

For sure!! Especially if you’re close to it

It is a whole lot like Sam’s Club: gas station, tire shop, and discount store with items sold in bulk. They even have a food court.

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I prefer Costco because almost everything at Sam’s is available at Walmart, smaller sizes but the same exact items

I grew up going to Costco but I personally think Sam’s Club is better but Costco is pretty good to. I have not been to a Costco in a few years cuz there is no Costco where I live only Sam’s Club but if there was a Costco I would get a membership for Costco too.

Costco is so much better than Sam’s.

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Personally I’ve always found Sam’s to have better prices and good quality but costco has more items. If you don’t have a sams close I would say Costco is an acceptable alternative and worth the price

I love Costco. I also use Costco travel and get discounts

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My membership pays for itself within 2 months. Costco is absolutely worth it and we have been off and on members since I was a kid. Now we have been members consistently for the last 4 yrs and I can’t see that stopping any time soon. A lot of items are cheaper and in bulk then it is in many other places. There are some items that are not cheaper but that isn’t often.