Is cramping during pregnancy normal?

Good day beautiful momma’s…:relaxed:
I have a Question… This is my first pregnancy… I am 19w and 3 days pregnant… Since yesterday I’ve been getting this light cramps or pains I don’t know what it is exactly but if I lay and get up I get that… I’m not sure what it is can you please give me information and advice…
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Most likely round ligament pain mama!


Round ligament pain. Your body is stretching to make room for growing baby


The stretching of your insides.


Your uterus is stretching. Cramps are ok as long as it’s not accompanied by bleeding

Ligament pain, your body is stretching for you little one. I went into the dr office because I had horrible side pain I was scared it was a pulled muscle. But the doctor was very nice about it so if your scared the doctors never hurt.

I had the same thing. Drink lots and lots of water and warm baths.

I had that pain and everyone said it was round ligament pain. Normal! But it was irrirtating to me. When I would try to turn amd lay down or sit up it would hurt a but but not bad.

See a doctor, best thing you can do

Sounds like braxton hicks or round ligament pains both start in 2nd trimester

Sounds like ligament pain I had it worse and worse with each pregnancy

Call your doctor, honey.

Get to a doctor pronto immediately it could be a tubular pregnancy ! when it comes to pregnancy never try diagnosing yourself ever !

Very possibly just as described by others. But it’s also possible that it is something else and the only way to know is by checking in with your doctor.

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With pregnancies it is ALWAYS best to ask your doctor! It could be anything! Most likely just round ligament pain! But you always want to make sure from a professional!

Probably just ur uterus stretching hun, and with all that stretching ur insides r moving around as well.

Round ligament pain probably. Take it easy when you get up. I had to roll to my side and push up to avoid them

Your body is stretching hun or baby is lying on a nerve wich is a bugga if u do keep getting it tho then u could always seek medical advice from ur midwife congratulations by the way x

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Round ligament pain I hate that lol as your baby grows this pains will only get worse :slight_smile: it’s okay though

Most likely ligament pain, I had that as well. Best to call your doctor to let them know, they may have you come in to check everything out. Better to be safe :slightly_smiling_face:

Take it easy… First time is the best.

Round ligament pain, it gets worse :neutral_face: try some yoga stretches in the morning and don’t get up so fast .

I’m 19 weeks also, i think its normal to a point

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I would call the doc to double check, but sounds like round ligament pain. I’m on my 4th pregnancy and have had it almost the entire pregnancy.

Drink water and lay down

Round ligament pain. As long as the pain isn’t severe and you don’t have any bleeding, it’s normal

Go see your doc honey.

I got light cramps. It felt like it was everything starting to stretch. I would definitely let your doctor know. I always kept my doctor up to date in any aches and pains I was having just to makd sure it wasnt a sign of something more serious.

Sounds like round ligament pain but ask your doctor about it at your next appointment

braxton hicks, round ligament pain, siatic nervee

when you feel thous types of pain it’s always good to sit back with you’re feet up and try not to do to much. or if you are sitting alot you can get thous pains too so it’s good to get a 10min walk in