Is cramping normal in pregnancy?

I am 32 weeks pregnant, the past week i have felt so horrible! Stomach cramping, nausea, etc. Is this normal?

Make sure your hydrated! I was contracting because I was dehydrated

Im 29 weeks and the nausea has made its way back with a vengeance :dizzy_face:Third trimester blows.

I’m 32 weeks as well, and for the past two weeks I’ve been miserable. Nauseous all the time, stomach cramps, back/thigh aches almost constantly, everything is fine with myself and baby. My body is just preparing for labor as yours probably is too especially if this isn’t your first pregnancy. It’s my fifth. Good luck and I hope you start feeling better!

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Yep thats pregnancy for ya. I was nauseous up until I had my son who was born at 41wks & 3days.

Same! Omg I legit just posted a status on how sick I feel…34 weeks