Is depression part of healing after surgery?

I had hand surgery a few weeks ago. I feel very defeated and havin fb to learn how to do things again sucks. Is depression apart of healing? I feel like such a loser. I haven’t been able to work and now we are suffering. Due to it is it normal the way I’m feeling?


Depression is not uncommon after a surgery. Your body went through trauma, and your mind/body has to process that. You may need a short term antidepressant until your bodies healed fully


It can be. You have the discomfort from the surgery and a shortage of cash because you are not working. That can lower your self esteem and that can cause depression. Once things get back to normal you will feel better.

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I’d say talk to your doctor. Depression is nothing to wait around for… There is help out there! I promise!

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I also had hand surgery in May. Multiple breaks in my wrist. Recommend CBD oil from a health food store. It’s non addictive. The creams work too. Also, go to Occupational Therapy to get full use back.

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