Is Fourth Wing age appropriate for a 15 year old?

Has anyone here read Fourth wing? Wondering if this is age appropriate for a 15 year old? She loves reading and really wants to dive into this but I do not read nor do I know anything about it

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There is quite a bit of sex. But you do you. Read it if you wonder.

It has a bit of graphic sex. Personally I’d read it first before handing it to a 15 year old.

Only if you are okay with letting them read smut

The only person who can answer this is you. All 15 year olds are different :woman_shrugging:t3:

Personally at that age I wouldn’t be censoring what they read but you do you


fourth wing is an AMAZING book. it can get sexually graphic but at 15 years old I wouldn’t care and I’d let my daughter read it. I don’t think I’d censor any book at 15 years old.

English teacher hat and mum hat on I say it is fine, has some sexy bits but not too bad at all. Read it first if you are worried. Sarah j Maas is worse for content. So glad you have a reader :slight_smile:

Well everybody has their opinion but me personally depends on the sexual content of it even at 15 I still think kids need to be kids even though they do know about sex I don’t think that we should encourage it this is a sexual deviant world we live in and let our kids be kids for as long as they can. But I’m old that’s the way I was raised so if I offended anybody by this comment don’t attack me just go on just scroll