Is getting your tubes tied reversible?

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Yes but isn’t covered by insurance at all unless you had your tubes burned then it is not reversible

Yes but not guaranteed to work and isn’t very cheap to do.

i just had my tubes removed… my OB said that they don’t tie them anymore to prevent tubal pregnancies. they move them completely. however, if yours are tied, they could give it a try. no guarantee to work.

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My mom had hers untied to have me. Its not covered and its not guaranteed to work. She also had strict rules to follow after the surgery and had to wait a year or two before she could try to conceive. If you don’t already have them tied and are on the fence about future children i would suggest alternative birth control. If you do have them tied your family doctor or obgyn would be able to inform you best.


It sure is mama! Not sure what the process is though

I paid 7K January 2018. I was told it might not be effective immediately and not to get discouraged. My son was born November 2018. I had a miscarriage June 2020, and my daughter is due May 2021.
Mine was successful but I had an amazing doctor too! I have two older kids ( 12 and 13 ) from before the tubal, and now 2 after.