Is hiding messages a form of cheating?

So my current situation my gf and I started having problems and I found out she was talking to this guy who turned out liking her, my question is why would you delete messages or hide messages from your partner and think it’s ok? Isn’t this a form of cheating?


Uh yeah it is. If you have to hide it, that’s cheating. :woman_shrugging:


I consider that to be cheating. Emotional affairs are still affairs.


If you’re keeping the conversation you had with another guy a secret and deleting them in fear your boyfriend will find out then yes that is cheating

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I was always taught that withholding information is the same as lying. That is definitely not ok. If they have to delete information so you won’t see, I’d 100% take that as cheating.


That’s probably why y’all are having problems honestly. Cause she’s getting invested with someone else.


Unless she’s actively hiding it, I wouldn’t worry. Relationships are based on trust, so if you feel the need to check on her, maybe she’s not the one for you.


Obviously that person has something to hide.

Yes. Emotional affair.

If you have to hide… its cheating.


If you have to delete text messages, hide calls or numbers its cheating…
It can stem SO EASILY, been there done that its not a fun ride, fix the ride or hop off its going to derail

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If you feel you have to hide it, it’s wrong…

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A month ago my husband and my friend was doing this. A week later he walked out on our me and our 3 boys after 11 years together. They got together and left town. Hope things turn out better for you.


Could be. Ive gotten messages from guys though and deleted messages after finding out they wanted a piece because it’s annoying and irritating to me. If they don’t get the message after me ignoring them that I’m not interested in them like that then I delete them completely.


If she’s deleting messages she’s hiding something


Yes it is…is she flirting with him
Does she like him back …cheating is a choice …not a mistake.

If she has to hide something texts call long and is deleting stuff I’d say there s something going on

Yes it’s cheating. So sorry hun.

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If you do something in your relationship that you couldn’t, wouldn’t, or haven’t told your partner it’s cheating. Period. You hide it…cheating.


That’s cheating my ex did the same thing soon as I got proof I threw that in his face n kicked his assistant out u do the same cheating is cheating n the biggest form of disrespect on the other person in the relationship

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Definately!!! A cheater

Well, it depends. Are you the jealous type of she has conversations w other dudes? If so she may do it to avoid the jealous reaction. If not, then yes id say if be worried too.

Not always the case, how did you find out? She show you or tell you or were you snooping and find them? Because if so you’re both in the wrong, you for not trusting her and that’s why she could be trying to move on, if she told you she was talking to him and she wanted to get it out and open with then she probably had nothing to hide, but if you feel a need to be dishonest or hide things from your partner then you’re not in a healthy relationship. Intentionally talking with someone who makes you feel wanted is cheating. What’s making you fight how can you fix it, are you willing to fix it and what can you do differently, if you want to end it what’s holding you back?

Its a form of cheating

My ex did it and it was because he was cheating the whole time. You shouldn’t hide anything in your relationship. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

I think it really depends, If the guy is the jealous type and doesn’t like her talking to anyone, and especially any men, then yes I understand the deleting the texts. But in that being said no one should be in such a controlling relationship.

It really depends on the situation IMO. If you are in an emotionally abusive controlling relationship, I can see deleting texts to avoid having fights or being accused of saying or doing something that you did not do. Some people delete texts bc they do not find a reason to keep them/ bc it is not important to them. IMO it is all contextual mixed with nonverbal language when asked about it.

See if she’s deleting messages she wrote then I’d worry . But for me sometimes my guy friend say inappropriate things and I just delete them because if my bf seen it he would get upset . I would rather not have all the drama . I know o would never cheat and I’m not leading anyone on . I don’t want to have to worry him . That’s just one possibility .


You only delete things when you have something to hide. Unfortunately, it really is that simple.


That is in fact a form of cheating. She’s probably talking about something she doesn’t want you to know about.

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Cheating. I did that to my ex… I see it as cheating

Deleting messages sometimes isn’t a shady act; I delete messages when I don’t want my spouse getting butthurt over nothing because he’s human and can blow things way out of proportion

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Definitely cheating. Kick her to the curb.

Yes, rethink your relationship.

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Yup. It’s cheating 100%. If you have to hide anything from your spouse, it’s cheating.


Maybe they were planning you a surprise birthday party. I’d ride it out and act surprised! :tada::balloon:

Emotional cheating is just as painful, and just as wrong.

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You don’t hide innocence… if you’re deleting stuff for fear it’ll cause a problem, it’s probably because its going to cause a problem.

Ask her about it. Talk to her about the situation and how it makes u feel. What were the messages regarding? Could be innocent, but its a shady thing to do. Just ask.

Why are you checking her personal messages? Both of you are wrong.

Yes it is. Shes either cheating or entertaining the idea. Either way its not right and u deserve better