Is it bad if kids write their letters backward?

Does it mean anything when your kids write their letters backward??


Yeah, they need glasses, (right handed) :rofl::rofl::rofl::+1::sunglasses::thinking:

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Kids sometimes do when they are younger than 7

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Yup might need glasses or it just started learning how to write

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It depends. If they can’t see the difference when it is wrote correctly, it may be a sign for further testing. My son is dyslexic and this was my first sign. He also wrote numbers backwards as well

Also could mean he/she has dyslexia


Depends on the age Id suppose

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Need more info. Age?
My 5 year old writes some of his letters backwards, he just started school this year and that’s normal.
Now an older child, 8-9 ish could be visual or dyslexia.

My son is in k5 and can normally write letters and numbers the right away. When he’s in a hurry or in his virtual meetings and watching other kids is when he seems to forget the right way to write. So I think its normal when they are just starting off writing.

Tbh especially if the child is left handed…not worried

My son wrote his name exactly backwards. Not just the order, but letter shape as well. Like a mirror image. Then we noticed he was sitting across from a righthanded teacher, using his own Left. He was writing exactly what he saw…even though upside down.
We put him on the same side of teachers desk, and the first day, cleared right up. Beautiful writing now, at 37

Dyslexia maybe but if so should be seen now so that the child can get the right help that’s needed ,

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My 7 year old still has problems with this sometimes. Especially with the d,b,p,g,q. She is smart as can be just that little bump in the road. Just work with them and they will get it.

When they’re starting out it’s super common but if they continue with out any sort of improvement then it would be worrisome. Glasses or dyslexia maybe but talk to your kids teacher or doctor for further information. :relaxed:

Depends on age. Its very normal for them to be back to front. My 5yo still does them backwards sometimes

It means they are still learning. They will most likely outgrow it as they continue to learn how to write properly. If you’re that concerned about it, talk to the child’s pediatrician.


There’s a disease called dyslexia where people write backwards


It’s normal for kids to do that all the way to 2nd grade.


Yep my daughter who graduated from college with several degrees spelled her name backwards-letters and all. It was pretty impressive.

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Depends how old the child is


Mine did it tell they were like 7. After like 8 or 9 I would look more into if they are still doing it

My son is in Kindergarten and he used to spell his name backwards and all the letters were backwards as well. It was actually quite impressive. He’s been writing a lot in kindergarten now and is slowly getting the hang of doing it all the right way.

They really don’t like to diagnose kids with dyslexia anymore for the effects it can have on their confidence.
My sister was diagnosed as a kid and I noticed my 2nd kid had a few similarities, I was told that when I asked the school about it. Instead they have certain techniques they use and they really don’t like to even say anything about dyslexia until they have watched for a good period of time. If it’s still an issue over time then they engage in some new techniques.

Both my daughters do it. Ones in kindergarten and the other in first grade. Both their teachers say it’s completely normal for their age groups .

Some kids start writing that way my daughter did when she first started pre-k this year and now she writes almost better then me lol

Depends on the child’s age. It’s considered a part of typical development until age 7. If it extends beyond this it can be a red flag for dyslexia.

Actually I disagree. My daughter was writing number and letters backwards. Taking hr to work thru 5 problems. I pushed the school for testing. Low and behold my daughter has dslyexia. Early intervention she is now a 7th grader on honor roll. Still has classes to help her with the dslyexia. It costs nothing but time to have them tested to be 100 percent sure if you have concerns.

My daughter did but just watch her reading fluency before you go looking for an answer. Could be ace but my daughter ended up being dyslexic and it was mostly letters b, q, !

Depends entirely on the age. Its not abnormal but if they’ve been in school a few years and still have problems with it it might be worth evaluating for dyslexia.

I’m an early childhood/ elementary special education teacher and it is developmentally appropriate until 3rd grade to have some reversals…especially b and d. If they are still consistently making reversals after 3rd grade, I would consult your pediatrician. Lots of practice and making sure to gently correct reversals will help. There is a lot of online information to help make practicing writing fun! (Shaving cream, whipped cream, sand, write the alphabet on course sandpaper with sharpie and they trace with their finger. Lots of repetition helps with muscle memory!


I’ll say age/grade is a huge factor here…how old is the child? maybe they just need a little more guidance and are still learning.


Dyslexia if they continue to plus not good at learning reading skills

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Excellent advice by others up here. Just keep in mind. Even if the child has dyslexia, it’s ok. He’s not alone. You just need to know the problem and start handling it soon so as to protect your child from going through the trauma of negative criticism. Kids are often more comfortable once they know what’s wrong and how to handle it.
Otherwise, yes it’s common for kids to make blunders with the two sides of alphabets. Dont forget your own time😉

Three of my four kids reversed letters all were eventually diagnosed dyslexic. Please watch for other warning signs of dyslexia because depending on the state you are in the schools may not be equipped or trained to spot signs. My kids school was no help and I had to push for testing and services. Dyslexics need early intervention to succeed.

My son does this still, he’s in 3rd grade. He was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2nd.

Its normal for up to 3rd grade.

How old are they?? Completely normal when they are young

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Its how a lot of kids start out, from what my son teacher says, its totally normal

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Totally not
My young sister used to write later P as d And d as p Charity Delavega :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Depends on age of child. You get kids no big deal getting closer to 10 depends on what letters over 10 yes a concern unless J some struggle with it long term in my experience.

Depends on the age. Also take into account what hand they write with. If they are young, it’s normal.

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Very very normal when they are young.

Depends on the age but most kids write letters backwards. Esp d and b. Its not a big deal.

It’s a normal part of learning, they wrote everything backwards for a bit and usually go back to the right way

It usually means that they’re still learning how to write their letters every kid does that at some point in time when they are learning their letters now if it does not progress and depending on how old the child is then yes it can be a problem because it is called dyslexia.

My daughter still does at 8 trying to get help with our school is a waste of time having to go through my doctor, as her mental state is not good either

It means they are learning. Most kids do this.

My 2nd son will write his T upside down. And he in 4K

My daughter is 6 and does this I was concerned about it but then I noticed if she changed hands from her right to her left she writes it the right way. Although she prefers to use her right hand so she will just have to learn xx

My brother was doing this in second grade. The teacher joked that he might have learning issues. My mother took him to an eye specialist and he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Teacher ended up with egg on her face, but my brother got the help he needed to get throughout his schooling. To this day he still has trouble but able to do his job.

It is not a bad thing. Just talk to his dr and or teachers about the possibility of Dyslexia. It just means that they see word and letters/numbers differently and might need help when it comes to learning. My husband happens to be slightly dyslexic and has no problems in his day to day life. A lot of people are dyslexic. I do know it is more prevalent in males but that’s all.

Not sure how young they test for it, but ask about dyslexia. I wasn’t diagnosed till I was in 7th grade. That was almost 20 years ago. At that point i had almost given up due to frustration, and nearly did because they didn’t know how to teach me even after diagnosed.

When I brought it up to my oldest son’s Kindergarten teacher, she told me it was normal for kids to reverse letters & number from K to 2nd --when they get past that, that’s when they start to worry. He’s in 6th grade now, and no issues. My 1st grader is still sometimes writing his 4s backwards, but other than that, I have seen no other issues with him in school.

They do to a certain age then after that they may be dyslexic and that’s not a biggie just a diff learning that’s all as long as it is recognised

It depends on the age. It’s pretty common until around 9-10.

Until 3rd grade I wouldn’t worry come 3rd grade have the child tested for dyslexia

I did it and I learned to read at age 4 and write at 5. I was a top student through all my school years. So no need to worry yet :grin:

Depends on the age but sometimes it can be a sign of dyslexia