Is it bad to not gain weight while pregnant?

Is it bad to not gain weight while pregnant? I cannot stop throwing up and was 145lbs and am now 130lbs at 19 weeks pregnant…should I be concerned about baby?

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I had hg with my first baby. I lost a ton of weight and ended up only gaining 15 ish lbs over my initial weight. My baby and I were perfectly healthy in the end. I wouldn’t be too worried.

I lost 35 pounds while I was pregnant with my daughter. I was very very sick. She was born 7’6 and healthy.

I was so sick with my 3rd. I was down15lbs all the way into the second trimester. I slowly gained it back and then 5 extra. I’m now 36 weeks and my doctor hasn’t been concerned. I think they just worry about the 3rd trimester because that’s when they grow and gain the most.

I had all day sickness with all four of my pregnancies for the entire pregnancy and I kept taking my prenatal vitamins and had a healthy babies.

I gained a grand total of 3 pounds my entire pregnancy with my daughter. As long as baby is growing it should be fine but talk to your OB/GYN for sure it’s been many years since I had a baby.

Will your doctor give you zolfran or something to help with the nausea? My doctor wouldn’t with my last baby and I threw up the entire time, only gaining 3 pounds. My son came out 7 pounds and 4 ounces.

I lost weight when I was pregnant 250 in the beginning 216 1 week postpartum. My doctor said it was normal and that baby would get what he needs just make sure to take my prenatals

No I wouldn’t worry yet. Weight loss is pretty common in the first trimester. It usually picks up again around the second trimester. It was the same way with me for all 3 of my pregnancies. Good luck and congrats!

I lost a bunch of weight being so sick with my son my doctor always said it was okay cause the baby was just taking from me more and he came out totally fine