Is it dangerous to leave my babies arms out of the swaddle?

Is it dangerous to leave my babies arms out of a swaddle? We use the Velcro hassle free swaddles. My baby doesn’t seem to like the swaddle to much and manages to get one arm out if not both. Could I swaddle him and just move the swaddle down a bit? Is this dangerous in anyway? I just want to make sure he is warm since we have cold winters.

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Its ok to do that in love it down I had to do it with my daughter n my son , just make sure you keep a eye on the baby

Look into sleep sacks , they have sleeveless ones and lighter fabric too .

That’s ok, especially after they are strong enough to get out. Sleep sacks are really nice too.

It’s not dangerous and if baby doesn’t like a swaddle then get a blanket sleeper like this one

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Swaddling is for comfort. If they are not comfortable in the swaddle then ditch the swaddle. Get a few sleep sacks and be done with swaddling.

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Its not dangerous just pointless. Lol.

My daughter hated being swaddled so we put her in sleep sacks

Babies don’t have to be swaddled, mine all hated it and even escaped one in the hospital

We always used the sleep bag things because they didn’t confine his arms. He didn’t like having his arms stuck down.