Is it easier to give birth the second time?

Second labor and delivery easier than first? I had 4th degree tear with my first and couldn’t enjoy being home with a newborn because recovery was horrid. I’m 33 weeks pregnant now, and so scared for labor and delivery.


My 2nd was better… and he was a bigger baby!!

Yeah for me it was I got told it was because they are 11 month’s apart my daughter was also only 5.15 when she was born so I feel like that helped now I’m pregnant with my third I’m scared because you know every labor is different

I’m 32 with my 2nd but my first was amazing! No stitches & epidural took perfect only pain I felt was afterwards untaping the epidural!

Mine was. My first was a nightmare. I tore bad, my epidural didn’t work, the hospital staff was horrendously rude and acted like you were bothering them to death if you asked for help. Second time around was awesome. I got induced, my epidural was fantastic I didn’t feel anything and it took like 15 seconds to push him out. I was terrified the second time around too but it was way easier the second time.

Seems like my second was easier. Although both were csections. I knew what to expect with my second and I got everything under control alot faster. Had no issues. Good luck

Second time was much easier for me!

Mine got better each time

Well my second labor was easier then my first. My first my son turned feet first at the last minute and they were going to give me an emgercy c section but they got as far as the OR and didn’t have a chance to prep me for it my son had his foot out so the doctor cut me down there (I forget the medical term) and had me push. My daughter who’s my second child came normally with no problems .

1st natural and 2nd baby flipped breech last couple weeks so had to have csection.

I had a fourth degree year with my first as well! #2 was a breeze!

I had 4th degree tears with my first too…pushing was harder with my 2nd because of scar tissue BUT recovery and everything else seemed much easier!!

Oh my gosh I am SO sorry. I tore terrible too and the pain was just insane. I am 3 months PP and finally feel my area is back to the beginning of normalcy.
I have no advice for second baby because I am a FTM.

Same happened to me, although i don’t have a second child I would probably request for a c section just so I wouldnt tear again down there.

I tore bad with my first and no tears with second.

Water, walking, and perennial massage helps reduce tearing. I swear by it!! Lots of water helps skins elasticity, and idk how the massage helps but my OB told me about it and I did it often and BOTH babies no tear :slight_smile:


Both my deliveries went great,except blood clotting and hemeriging or w.e. through my stitches with my first. My second was so great the Dr even said he was highly impressed. I only needed one stitch and my baby came pretty quickly. No problem pushing or anything. But it is different for everyone and every pregnancy.

My second was 100% easier than my first. Lol I pushed for three hours the first time and 30 minutes the second time.

My epidural didnt take for my 2nd so I felt everything and it was horrible, I was screaming like a crazy person lol I mean I was BEGGING the nurses to help me, and all they would say is just breathe, and after the fourth time of hearing that I screamed “THAT NOTTTTTTTTTT FUCKING WORKING” and after I finally pushed her out, it kept hurting so bad I was curled up crying, like I didnt even want to hold her, but I finally passed out from the pain, but I will say the recovery was alot easier than with my son

I tore with my first who wad only 6lbs even and i got 1 stitch with my second and i didnt even feel it recovery wise and he was 8lbs 4oz and i had 3 more and havent torn since amd no stitches with the last 3 and one of rhe last e was 9lbs 1oz

My second was easier. I tore with both but my recovery with my second was significantly easier.

My 2nd was sooooo much easier and faster than my first. 3rd was even easier. You got this!

Yeah. First one destroyed me. Delivery after that first one was a cake walk.

My first was 10 lbs, an hour and a half of pushing, I had pretty bad tearing on the inside walls of my vagina and recovery was slow.
My second was 7 lbs, 1 push and she was out and I had very minimal tearing and recovery was strangely quick.