Is it gross to anyone else people let dogs lick them?

Is it just me or is it weird to anyone else that people let their dogs lick them on the face…I was at my best friends house and her family was letting her dog give them “kisses” and it really grossed me out…is this really normal?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it gross to anyone else people let dogs lick them?

It’s very normal to let your dog give you kisses and lick your face, what isn’t normal is someone being grossed out about it! Get over yourself!!


A dog’s mouth is pretty much the cleanest thing on the planet. I love when a dog gives me kisses. I actually encourage it.


Yes very normal I think it’s weird when people think it’s not


It’s not weird!! I love kisses from my fur babies!! It’s the only way for them to express affection!:paw_prints::heart::kissing_heart:


I love dogs but I don’t like to be licked. To each their own


To your question of “is it normal?”
Yes, very normal.

Edit- in retrospect “normal” may not have been the right word to use. I’d say “it’s quite common” would be a better way of putting it.


I don’t let no dog lick me anymore since watching that news segment on that lady who lost her arms and legs due to her dog licking her and she had an abrasion on her finger


I find it gross. I’m not a dog person though but I love cats and I don’t let my cat do it either. I think a few “kisses” are fine but more than that is nah.


It just all comes down to personal preference :joy: I agree with you, I could never let any animal lick my face.


As the owner of a doggy daycare that sees dogs eating other dog’s feces & vomit and licking their genitalia after urinating & defecating, I discourage any dogs, including my own, from licking me. You can love dogs, as I do, and still accept that it is not sanitary to have them lick you, especially on your face or mouth. Just my opinion.:paw_prints::paw_prints:


Every dog I’ve ever had were kissers and I loved it. Doggie love :heart:

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My puppies love to give kisses


I don’t mind doggy kisses but never the face!


If that’s how they react when you are in their face that is A good thing. They learn to lick and not bite.

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I think you have to be a dog lover to not mind dog kisses in the face and mouth. Dog’s lick theirs own ass, so I’m not letting them lick me in the face. :wink: :wink: but I don’t mind if someone else lets their dog do it.

No it’s not weird to me. The dog shows their affection this way. Now when dog owners let their dog lick them in the mouth or “wash” their dishes now that’s nasty.

I find it totally gross although people say dogs mouths are one of the cleanest things. I don’t trust it lol I’ve always been grossed out by dog kisses

I have a dog and two cats and don’t let any of them lick me. I also find it gross. Maybe if my dogs breathe didn’t smell like death it would be different.

My dog constantly licks its soooo annoying i don’t mind my dog licking me but he constantly does it till I get fed up with it.

Nope you’re not alone. I don’t like it as well. I watch my dogs lick their butts and one of them likes to eat poop(vet said it was probably something she did before we found her) so thats a big no for me. :nauseated_face:

I don’t like being licked lol she eats the cat turds if she has an opportunity :joy:

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My wife lets the dog kiss on her. I don’t. The dog knows he can kiss her but not me, so he doesn’t try.

I agree with you! But I’m also not an animal person so… I’m very picky about animals in the house eating out of plates bowls etc. I won’t eat there if I know :joy: but it’s normal just not for me…


I get more kisses from my doggies than I do my spouse. Love my doggies.

It’s a personal preference it’s not weird at all


I get grossed out also. Especially when I just witnessed the dog locking their hoo-ha.

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I won’t tell u that my dogs tounge sometimes slips into my mouth :flushed::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


If your not a dog lover you won’t understand…

Not weird to someone who loves dogs lol

I think it is gross cause they lick there butt :rofl: but to each their own :joy:

Just throwing this out there

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And this……. I think it’s gross.

It’s very gross I don’t want to be licked by any animal anywhere, not a fan of slobber

Why does this need to be an anonymous question :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Is this really necessary to post on Facebook :neutral_face::thinking:

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my little dog loves to kis my hand and face

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I’m with you on the weird/gross! I’m over here :nauseated_face: just reading the comments!! Naa fam! That’s not normal! :face_vomiting:

Well considering dogs licks their ass and genitals it’s pretty gross

Pick your battles… not your house not your problem. I do think it’s gross to let them lick your mouth but I let my dog lick my face or what not. Their mouths are cleaner then ours :rofl:

Personal preference i think but not weird to most dog owners


Dogs constantly lick things. Like their butt and peeps. Why do y’all want that on your face and in your mouth? “Dogs mouth are actually so clean” :roll_eyes: their tongue was literally in their asshole.

If you don’t wash your hands before you eat, its waaaay more gross.

I think it’s totally normal to be grossed out about it considering most dogs eat poop, drink out of the toilet and lick their buttholes all day.

It’s nasty. It makes me nauseous.
dogs are overrated Why are Dog People like this? My apologies, but I hate dogs Okay, but I HATE dogs, so…

Your “normal” probably isn’t ever going to be someone else’s “normal”…. And if you’re an adult seriously asking this question? Sheesh. It’s not like you’re kissing your friend and you don’t have to let the dog kiss you. Geez lol

I love doggy kisses but not my face lmao that’s nasty

Most dogs eat literal shit :nauseated_face:

It’s gross ,they lick their butt’s.

our dogs are our family. if I let the kids kiss people’s cheeks to show affection then my family dog can too…
if people don’t like it then they don’t have to visit me.


I mean, they lick their assholes and balls, eat cat shit, etc… no I don’t let dogs lick my face lol.

I don’t care for it, but it’s normal

It is normal I guess you’re just not a dog person :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I love my frenchie giving me kisses also it helps he can’t reach his rear end so that’s a plus :joy:

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How normal is it that we ate cake after someone blew out their candles with saliva on the cake now

Its gross to me. To each their own tho.

No thanks - they lick themselves all over -

I have a dog. I don’t kiss or let him kiss me. He eats his poop. Gross!!! They lick themselves…

Lol yeah you’re not alone. I will not let a dog or animal kiss or lick me Gross asf. I do understand there are others that are ok with it all I ask if PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE TOUCHING ME AND MY KIDS. If you’re were holding your pets please don’t embrace me nor my kids and don’t be surprised if I don’t eat or drink at your place (who am I kidding I only at my mom’s house)

Whatttttt I love my pup she’s the best. If she licks me IDGAF. she’s my snuggle buddy. :heartbeat: