Is It Gross to Let a Dog Lick Out of a Bowl Before It's Washed?

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"So I grew up in a black household my girlfriend is white I get that we are from different backgrounds so we had a bbq yesterday and I came into the kitchen to see her dog licking out the potato salad bowl I threw a fit saying that was nasty she said what’s the big deal it gonna be washed am I over reacting or was she out of line"

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"I let my dog lick meat plates. Sometimes. Although not necessarily a potato salad bowl because onions are bad for dogs."

"Nah it’s good. It’s gonna be washed. Overreacted a bit there but I get it you were surprised"

"Gross. The dogs have a bowl for a reason."

"Lol I get it… it’s gross."

"My husband was the same way. I threw out the dishes. Love my dogs but they are not eating off my dishes"

"Overreacting lol. That dogs mouth is cleaner than either of you guys and it will be washed after. Don’t sweat it lol."

"I’m white. Grew up with that as a normal thing now I’m grown we have 8 dogs and they are not allowed to touch our dishes…or lick my kids mouths, which is another white ppl. Thing"

"It all depends there isn’t a right or wrong with it either way I wouldn’t let my animal eat off my plate or anything else it’s a personal preference"

"I don’t allow it but I know people who do"

"I’m Mexican and my bf is white. He also let our dog lick bowls and plates before washing. I had the same initial reaction! It took some getting use to but now I’m use to it. I can totally see why you feel that way but I don’t think it’s something to end a relationship over."

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