Is it hard going back to school when you have kids?

i am a mom of 2 kids and my fiancé works full time. for those that went back to school, was it hard with kids? and if i wanted to do nursing school and become a nurse, would it be impossible?

It would only be impossible, if you made it impossible, Mama. If you put your mind to it and want to succeed, you WILL. As long as your fiancé is willing to help with the kiddos a little bit of the time so that you can study and take care of the things you need to do. Maybe grandparents could help some too. You can make it work if you really want to. Good luck Mama!

It will be hard and discouraging. You need lots of study time and hospital training time. It would help if you had parents or siblings that could babysit for you. But don’t give up. Nothing is impossible if you follow your goal. It would help you lots if you took all your prerequisites out of the way. So you would have more time for the nursing part.

Of course it will be hard! It’s also worth it if that’s what you want to do!

It’s not impossible! I have friends who did it! You need a support system, and need to remember it’s ok what you’re doing as you are making a better life for you and your family. You are also setting a great example of hard work and perseverance for your kids. Our lives and hopes, dreams and goals don’t need to stop.:heart:

Never impossible. Just scheduling and coordination.