Is it hard having kids close in age?

I just found out I’m pregnant and I have a 6 months old baby. Any other mommies out there with babies close in age? Any advice?


Mine are 14 months apart

My last 2 kids are exactly 12 months and 1 week apart. I feel like I’m changing diapers every 5 seconds lololol… I’m currently 3 months postpartum …I also have a 6 year old. ALL BOYS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: …all I can say is it’s not easy but you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

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My son and my youngest daughter are 13 months apart. They are best friends. It was hard at first but with a routine it is great. But my kids are 5 3 and 2

My first 2 are 13 months apart:)

I did. It was hetic, but I survived. I had very little help. Enlist as much help as you can.

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I have kids with that exact age gap. Make sure you take food based organic prenatal vitamins and DHA religiously everyday otherwise having babies that close together is super hard on your body physically and mentally. Take care of yourself.

My oldest 2 are 13 months apart.

My boys are less than 11 months apart. It was super hard when they were small. I felt like i didn’t sleep for 2 years. Now they are 8 and 9 its much much easier. They are the best of friends


My son is 5 months & im currently 9 weeks :blue_heart:

My first two are 10 1/2 months apart

My last two are 1 year and 3 days apart

Routine is your best friend!

I had a 5 month old baby and found out i was 4 mon pregnant

Yepper but I was carrying twins.

My first two kids are 11 months apart. My advice is… It’s going to be chaotic. Routine is KEY though… For your sanity lmao

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My youngest is 7 months old and I got pregnant right when he turned 6 months lol

Oh yes…we have several like that with our 1st daughter and now out granddaughter…it can work out very comfortably and they will be the closest siblings. Seems a bond forms there.
Mother nature’s way with nursing Mom’s is at 8 months the body prepares for pregnancy again…not unusual…just be happy

I have 4 kids 1 boy and 3 girls these 2 are 11 months apart

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I had a 2yr old, 3 month old, and was pregnant again lol
They are now 15,13,12 and I would not change a thing. They have never been lonely and continue to be close to each other. They share friends and activities. I love it.

I got pregnant when my daughter was 3 months old! I’m due in August, my boyfriend and I were terrified of how close our girls were going to be in age, but once you get use to the idea of having them so close together you start seeing a lot of pros compared to cons :smiling_face: and by far the best part is if you have them close like this you don’t have to re-buy/accumulate baby toys and such :hugs:

My boys are 13mths apart it’s harder than having twins I say bc ones a newborn needs you constantly & the other is climbing the walls like a toddler spiderman. If I could do it as a single mom & survive anyone can. You just gotta take every day as it comes & teach the older one to bring you a clean diaper & wipes when needed put em to work they’ll like helping with the new baby :tipping_hand_woman: mine are now 8 & 9 years old & argue constantly about who won’t play whatever game they want with each other on their ps4 :woman_facepalming:

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I have a friend that ,her 2 kids were both born in the same year ,one was born in Jan, the other born inOct…

I have a 3 year old, 9 month old and 5 months pregnant with birth control baby

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I have a 6 year old and 1 year old twins no advice will prepare u for how sleep deprived kaotic ur life will be all I have to say is coffee

Fifteen months between my son and daughter! It was hard with breastfeeding but we managed :blush::two_hearts:

Twins and singleton 13 months apart and singleton and next are 15 months apart. Busy but now that they are 5, 4 and 3 its hilarious. They usually think I have 2 sets of twins.

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My girls are 10 months apart lol people just think they’re twins(both are 4 years old at the moment) its tough in the beginning, but they do everything together and are each other’s bestfriend

My daughter will be 3 in July, My son is 17 months & im currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 3. Its going to be a little hard at times but you can do this.

My older 2 are 13 months apart. They’re both girls. Honestly it isn’t that bad when they are babies… you just fall into routine. Now that they’re 8 & 9 they argue over everything :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: and are always trying to be the boss over each other lmao.

They call it Irish twins if they’re born in the same year, good luck <3

Mine were 19 months apart. Include the older sibling as much as you can, accept ANY and ALL help. Trade off with significant other to get rest. If planning to breastfeed, have some new books or couch activities that the older one can do next to you. I was lucky that my oldest was pretty much sleeping through the night when we got pregnant with #2. Still try to make special time with oldest. I still tried to do bedtime as much as I could because that was our ritual before his sister came. Now he is 3 and sister is 19 months. days are crazy, but it’s amazing how sweet they are together!

Yes my two daughters (2nd and 3rd children) are 13 1/2 months apart I got pregnant with my youngest daughter when my oldest daughter was 5 months old

Enjoy! I loved having mine so close together! They were 14 months a part. Having two in diapers isn’t the fun part, but you’ll live. Schedule as much as you can.
The biggest issue I had was going grocery shopping, so I would wear the infant, and put the toddler in the basket, or pull one cart and push another.

Mine just turned one and am due in January with my third

I had a 3 year old a 1 year old and a new born. My last 2 are exactly 1 year apart. May 27th 2002 may 29th 2003. My advise none. It’s hard but doable.

I have 2 16months part and 2 13 months apart … in total 5 kids as of next month and 4 of them are 4 and under with 3 of them 2 and under… it is DEF DEF hard - I have an 11 yr old also and sometimes I wish I had spaces them out more they all want attention at the same time and u can’t spread yourself evenly with so many little kids (in my case)

I got pregnant when my son was only 3 months old. And then got pregnant again when my daughter was 7 months old. I now have a 2 year old, 1 year old & 4 days old. :grimacing:

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My girls are 8 months old and 2 years old. There was a rough adjustment period at first but theyre besties now. Just find a routine that works for you. We also follow a pretty tight schedule with nap times and bedtimes and it keeps everything running smoothly. It a lot of work but i love having them so close in age. Good luck mama

You know what causes that dont ya lol! Jk! Mine were 4 yrs apart just breath!

Don’t ever doubt yourself I was in the same exact spot pregnant and had a 6 month old this life is exactly what you make it ask for help laugh when you wanna cry and let people give looks and walk on by you got this momma :heart:

My second is due 9 days before my first turns 1 :woman_facepalming:t2: it’s definitely been a task but I’m super excited for them to be so close in age growing up!

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My son was three months old when I found out I was pregnant with this one. :grimacing::grimacing:so 17 days after my son’s first birthday I’ll be expecting my little girl

Mine will be Irish twins :blush: 11 months apart almost 12

My daughter turned a year old two weeks after I had her brother

Get on a schedule as soon as you can. Its really really hard I have a 20month old and an 8 month old my 8 month old is teething and my 20 month old hit the “terrible twos” early ( she hit me in the head with a remote as I was typing this bc her show stopped) I’m past a point of exhausted I didn’t even know existed I hear it gets easier though

Mine are fairly close in age and my best advice is when you’re feeling stressed, just laugh! Because one day you’re going to think back and laugh. It’s also perfectly fine to cry too when they do. You will do just fine mama!:blush:

Invest in a double stroller

My two oldest kids are exactly 15 months apart… my advice is lots of headache meds

I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 16 month old, I got pregnant when my oldest was 3 1/2 months old and she turned 1 a few weeks before her brother was born. It’s NOT easy and is a big adjustment but it is possible. Just know when they get walking/ talking age they’re close and they keep each other entertained

13 months & 3 days apart. It’s actually lovely. They’re both boys. They fight over toys during the day. And then the entire time my youngest naps my oldest gives him kisses every few minutes. I now have a newborn that was given custody of whose exactly 14 months younger then my actual youngest. And he saw me feeding the baby and tried to help. (He’s also a little jealous of baby bc mine is still breastfeeding soo hes upset another baby is on mommy) but in the end all is going well

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My last two are 10 months apart. I found it so easy because they’re both into the same things and I can do the same things with them and anywhere I take them they’ll both be able to enjoy it if one does. Unlike number 1 and 2 where I couldn’t do much with both of them at the same time. Number 1 and 2 were 8 years apart and the smaller gap was easier. Way easier.

I had 2 kids,age 8&2. On January 3rd,1980 I had another son . Then December 9th,1980 I had twins. That’s 3babies in one yr. Then had 2 more in 1985 and 1987

use better birth control. There is more way to not get pg than there is to get pg. if you don’t want one that close or other babies.

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