Is it hard to exclusively pump with no contact with a baby?

I was wondering how difficult it is to exclusively pump breastmilk with no baby/boob contact? I breastfed my daughter but I wasn’t producing enough supply so I started on formula, and then my boobs swelled up so I started pumping for release. I ended up producing enough milk but I was unaware at the time that I could’ve switched her back on the boob. So with my next, I am wanting to breastfeed but only through a bottle & pumping since my supply was greater when I did this the first time. Also, no one warns you just painful breastfeeding really is lol.

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Exclusively pumping is an awesome option! We had problems figuring out breastfeeding but I wanted my baby to have what was best for him so I exclusively pumped for 7 and 1/2 months. After this my son received half breast milk half formula till he was a year old. It’s not always easy but it was worth it in my opinion.

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I’ve been exclusively pumping since day 1. I started at every 2 hours, then 3, and now that he is 7mo I’m stretching it to 4-5 hours.
I pump enough to feed him and have about 500oz stashed away.

It varies not just woman to woman but with each child in my experience. My first two I had preemies started off pumping I was a milk machine pumped sooooo much milk. My 3rd was straight from the tap always and I couldn’t get more than 2oz pumping. My 4th I nursed and pumped right away great supply plenty for baby and milk to store away. I know it can give you an over supply to do both so early and that it’s not recommend just what’s worked for me. Still nursing 4 no issues.

you don’t mention your daughters age when you switched to formula, but it sounds like you started formula before your mature milk came in which takes a few days generally, but up until then baby gets colostrum, which is enough (unless you’re an underproducer) even if it doesn’t seem like it. Baby’s cluster feed in the beginning and multiple times throughout the first year and most moms assume that means they are not producing enough. I suggest speaking to a lactation consultant or consulting your local la leche league. Breastfeeding should NOT be painful. If it hurts, something is wrong (like a bad latch). Also, breastfed babies need NO MORE than 1-1.5 oz per hour which is very different from formula. Putting baby to breast or at least putting their saliva on your nipples tells your body what your baby needs nutritionally. Since this is not your first, your milk will come in sooner, and probably more bountiful as with each pregnancy you develop more glands for producing milk.

We had to start formula with because they went straight to NICU and it took like a week to get any colostrum. My meds kept me from being a big producer. I combo fed both, then we had to switch formulas with my second and she tripled her intake so i just had to stop completely but i wasnt making enough. I pumped with both and did bottles.

I exclusively pumped with my first born for 6 months and plan to go for 9months with my second daughter since I’ll be home this time.

I think it’s a great option and it honestly helped me feel more “human” (if that makes sense)… breastfeeding was never enjoyable, we had latch issues and my baby had early teeth. I was so happy that EP gave me the opportunity to feed my daughter and be comfortable.

Make sure you stick with it and just let what happens happens. On a side note, I got more with a manual pump than an electric one. It might be different for you but just wanted to mention that.

I dried up trying to do this plus it is plain exhausting. Breast feeding is just easier in my opinion

I do it everyday, my little one is going to be five months in a few days. It’s hard, especially with a three year old too. But I want to do it