Is it hard to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

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Has anyone had an early miscarriage and had to get an injection because negative blood type? Also, following a miscarriage has anyone had difficulty getting pregnant again? Just found out I had a miscarriage and devastated.


I’m sorry to hear this. There has been research into negative blood types and sometimes the body will reject the fetus if the partner was not also a negative in blood type.

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First, I’m so sorry for your loss. Second, yes, I had to have the rhogam shot after my miscarriage because I’m rh negative. It took over a year for me to get pregnant again, but only because I have fertility issues (ovulatory dysfunction). I do know lots of people that have had healthy pregnancies immediately following a m/c though! Good luck to you!

I am so sorry. :frowning::frowning: Yes I had the shot after I miscarried. I’ve had the shot with all of my pregnancies actually. After miscarriage I went on to have a healthy baby girl. It took about 6 months to get pregnant post miscarriage. I had the shot during my pregnancy also.

I had miscarriage within the first 4weeks just before Christmas, luckily I was B+ blood so I didn’t get the shot however when it came to conception after the fact - we had no issues. I was pregnant almost exactly a month later. I think it’s because we had a very standard miscarriage and my body ovulated as regular the following month. With some women it takes a little bit longer to get your ovulation back on track though I’ve heard

I’m so sorry for your loss

Both pregnancies i had to have the rhogam shot at 28 weeks and after delivery for being O-. Your blood will reject the baby if you dont receive the shot. Ive never miscarried but I’m sure it’s the same if your blood type is O-.

No but had to get a shot during my second pregnancy cuz me n baby had different blood types they said if dont get it next time my body could attack the next pregnancy or whatever she said as far as miscarry no i havent but known people that have one being my sister its definitely not something anyone deserve just try hangin there n sry for ur loss.

I have negative blood type I have to get rogam shots during and after each pregnancy

I didnt need a shot or a d&c. But it did take us awhile to get pregnant again… my miscarriage was last july and i didnt get pregnant again until this past february. Im now almost 19wks.

I had to get the shot after the miscarriage had to get it after and before delivery with my baby before the miscarriage I haven’t tried to get pregnant again tho it’s only been a few months

I needed shots of rhogam. It HURTS!!!

If you are negative blood type yes you will need shots to stay pregnant. Im sorry for your loss. Ps its super easy to get pregnant again now

Im rh negative and i have to get a shot mid pregnancy and after birth to protect next baby

No miscarriage but I have had the Rhogam shot with all 3 of my pregnancies it didny mess with anything not even conceiving again. However as soon as you find out your pregnant you should ask your doctor about receiving the shot early due to prior miscarriages

With my first, I had to have the rhogam shot at 28 weeks and after birth. (She is O+) with my second, it was different. I had to have it when I first found out because I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with her. Had to have it again at 28 weeks, and did not have to have it after birth because she is O-. I’m on my 3rd pregnancy. So, I had to go to the er because my step son kicked me in the stomach. Baby was fine, but when they did the US, it turned out that I had a small subchorionic hemorrhage again. They called the on call ob resident and they recommended I have the rhogam. Baby is doing fine. I will obviously have the rhogam again when I reach 28 weeks, and depending if he (it’s a boy) is RH- i will have it again after he is born.

I’m so sorry girl! I’m o- so I have to get the rhogam shot. I was pregnant again the next month & I’m not 19 weeks 4 days. :two_hearts: good luck babe.

I’ve had 2 previous ones. And I’m currently almost 36 weeks with a healthy boy

I’m rh- and didn’t know I was pregnant until I had a miscarriage but turns out I was pregnant with twins. I got the shot and the other twin is about to turn 9 years old on the 23rd :heart: I also have a 7 year old too.


I had to get a rhogram shot in my hip. It wasn’t that bad. And I had my miscarriage in January and was pregnant again in March

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I am Rh negative and had to get one after a miscarriage at 12 weeks. I got pregnant and had a healthy pregnancy less than a year later.

I’ve had way to many, what helped me get through it was realizing that your body did this because there was a problem. Younger women who are pregnant (under 35) are more likely to miscarry a fetus who has an issue that would result in a disability. Sorry for your loss and I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy in a few months. Hugs.

That actually happened to my mom with her first pregnancy. She said every pregnancy after that she had to have some kind of blood treatment done. She had 5 kids easily tho. She was pregnant with my sister in less than a year after the miscarriage.

I am RH negative (AB-) and I had 2 miscarriages. I had to get a shot after each one, as well as ones during and after both pregnancies with my daughters. If you get the shots, there are no complications.

Even if you hadn’t miscarried if you’re negtive you would receive the rhogam shot. This ensures you body doesn’t attack and fight off the baby it a future pregnancy that may have a positive blood type.

I’ve heard you’re most fertile following miscarriage actually.

Yes anytime ive miscarried i had to get the rhogam shot. I had a hard time n ended up having 2 miscarriages before my 2nd was born i gave up n didnt want to try again cuz it was it tore me up so bad. But a year later when not trying i got pregnant i was so scared but shes now 2.

Rhogam should only be necessary if the father was positive