Is it harmful to put food dye in medicine?

Is it harmful to put food dye in medicine? My daughter told me her dad puts ‘colors’ in her medicine to make it ‘taste better’ and it’s a medicine that she takes every night.


If you dye Easter eggs then she is already getting food coloring


I put a little squeeze of sugar free Mio in my son’s medicine to make it taste a little better.


Putting colour in it won’t change the taste apart from making it taste worse! I’d be finding out what he does add… Especially if you don’t trust him.


It doesn’t mean it’s dye, it could be juice or something to make it taste better. Who knows


Food dye is non toxic, it’s in tons of foods she probably eats already


I feel like maybe the question is will adding this into her medication effect the medication doing what it’s supposed to. If that’s the case I don’t think so? They add coloring to a lot of medication and the medication mixes with everything else you eat and drink anyway. But you could always ask the pharmacist or doctor if adding food coloring will effect the integrity of the medication.

Colored dyes are loaded with crap. They are proven to cause health issues, tumors, behavioral issues etc. I cut a ton of that stuff from my kids diets because the chemicals


Most medication already contains food dye, especially if it’s a children’s liquid. It won’t hurt the medication or make it not work. Sounds like you’re separated, so unfortunately your opinion on food dye is irrelevant when she is with dad.

I used to mix cordial with some medicines to make it taste better but not food colouring - make sure to brush teeth after though x

Ingested medications hit your stomach no matter what and it doesn’t make it any less effective therefore adding something to make it taste a bit better shouldn’t make any difference but I did like the idea of adding some mio or crystal lite to it just to help the process

Most food now a days contain red dye 40 or or dyes… some questionable. But food Coloring isn’t going to hurt her.

Food dyes are safe unless maybe in huge amounts that it can cause adverse reactions so if she’s not allergic to its compounds, it should be okay. You can double-check with the doctor or consult with a nutritionist perhaps if they can recommend any safe natural alternative if you’re worried.

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Maybe it’s flavoring? Loranns has yummy flavors. Some are colored.


Do you keep food dye in your cupboards? If you use it for baking it’s no different lol

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I used to put cold medicine in a tiny bit of diet soda or Gatorade for my son when he was younger because he was petrified of the taste. I didn’t lie to him or hide it from him or anything, he knew I did it just so it would take better.

It is generally not recommended to put extra coloring in medicine without the guidance of a healthcare professional. Medicines are carefully formulated to ensure their safety and effectiveness, and any changes to the formulation, including the addition of extra coloring, may affect the medication’s stability or bioavailability. Additionally, certain colorings may have specific interactions or adverse effects when combined with certain medications. It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional before making any modifications to medication.

Stop looking for something to complain about and leave him alone it’s food coloring good grief

Sounds like water enhancers like mio

It’s fine. May be flavoring. A lot of pharmacies does this for children especially with antibiotics